Man is a most civilized and intellectual being, he does not like one and same thing for a longer period of time, it is not wrong to say if he get the same thing for much longer he would not survive, as its nature is not built in a such way,

When it comes to home

One can change the elements of home with different reasons varying from person to person, as there budget, their ideals, wants and needs.


Changing only the walls of your house can change the entire look of the place. One can change the physical appearance of walls by different methods as with paints, wallpaper calligraphy and so on..


Paint is not only use for giving color or attraction, but a high quality paint can protect your walls from getting bacteria, fungi corrosion from environmental challenges as oxidation, moisture, gasses, and other factors.


Is another way to decorate your room, wallpaper when compared to paints is quite durable as it does not fades away with passing time, it remains the same as it was, secondly wallpapers are quite easy to clean the blemishes and spots as its material is constructed in such a way that a simple wipe can clean any spot effortlessly, third you have variety in wallpaper of color, structures patterns than that of paints, fourth wallpapers can be apply on a single wall while not covering the other three, or it can be used the half portion of the wall too depending on the testes. Buy high quality wallpaper online which will not scrap the paint underneath use voucher codes to get extra percent off.


Furniture is another important element of your home, while selecting or changing your furniture few factors must be considered as its size how much bigger the walls of your home is, and second the size of the furniture itself, and second factor implies space, the space between objects, you do not have to just put the objects here and there, there has to be some order some space to make the way, the third factor is its color the furniture’s color must be uniform with its surroundings, concerning walls, floor, doors frames and etc. Buy Quality Assured furniture online at discount price by using Woods Furniture UK Discount Codes.


Lightning is the major source which reflects the image of other objects in the house, it is the medium with which objects could be seen, it the lens which creates the overall scenario, lighting can be used in different formats as natural or man-made, the natural light can only be pass through the medium of window, while artificial lighting can be used in a variety of ways concerning the use as some lighting objects have purpose like table lamps. Standing lamps, and some have the function like to highlight, that means they would only emphasis selected objects as art works, paintings, masterpieces, and other such things, the third purpose of lighting is illuminating the whole area.


Colors’ is what which makes uniformity between objects, Colors’ represents the class of objects Colors’ could make the look contrasting, similarity while making elements put together, Colors’ makes impression on psyche as the color red is considered as which would increase the appetite, therefore it is good to use the color red in the dining area, color cannot only be represented by walls, as take the above example the red in the dining area the color red can be used through plates, tables and in chairs, the color green is considered as the symbol of health and prosperity this color can be used in bedroom or in the kitchen,

one must know the different varieties and diversities of shades, as colors are divided in categories as primary, secondary and further more tertiary, Complementary, Analogous and Monochromatic colors.

Understanding few factors before the restoration

State of a mind:

Concerning the outlook of your house, what image does it creates, what quality it represents, what your house needs to be done, is it a paint job or a work to be done on floor, or a construction, moving furthermore when it comes to the elements of the house what things has to be done or has to be changed,

Distinction between need and ingratitude

(O Musa ! We cannot endure one kind of food. So invoke your Lord for us to bring forth for us of what the earth grows, its herbs, its cucumbers, its Fun, its lentils and its onions). They said,

The Children of Israel, “They were bored and impatient with the type of food they were provided. They also remembered the life they used to live, when their diet consisted of lentils, onions, garlic and herbs.’’ They said,

Change is needed or a desire?

Getting things changed and become impatient and ungrateful is not a good thing for a human, changing things is not the need, but it is unappreciative By changing things consequently can be costly, severe and in sometimes hazardous.

“Boredom is not a problem to be solved. It’s the last privilege of a free mind”

Gayatri Devi


There could be another reason why do you want to improve or upgrade your home, maybe it’s condition is not just well, or it is related to the trend as every other person in your modern society is replacing old cabinets into newer ones may be it is because of the trend, or weather its condition, same things applies with other materials too is it in the trend, following standards,

The sense of antiqueness should not be vanishing, as the objects with the touch of antiqueness represents its own uniqueness and beauty concerning its place and its quality altogether.

Interior designer

It is the service what they have to offer, they will transform your house in the way you want, concerning the modern contemporary trends and styles.


Diy is another option to upgrade your decorating your home all by yourself, it will not take a lot much complicated objects, but the quality of the mind, and the ideas you make.