Electric Shock Injury: If you work closely with electricity, it’s very important that your employer provides you all equipment that increases your safety at work. By using safety equipment you can save yourself from the devastating effects of electric shock injuries.
If you experience an electric shock injury in the workplace, school, and departmental store or in a public place due to employer or third party’s negligence. Victims of electric shock can register the compensation claim against the liable person for the accident. An electric shock accident may cause due to

Recklessness Negligence

• Defective product

A personal injury law allows the victims to seek compensation for the injury they face due to other’s fault. In this law, the victim can seek damage for
Medical bills
• Lost wages
• Pain and suffering
However, the personal injury law allows the survival family of victims to file a compensation claim. In this compensation claim, you can add funeral costs, burial expenses, and loss of financial support.
Occupations at risk of electrical shock
As you know, At home, business, schools we use electricity all around the country. This means that electric shock can occur anywhere.
Some professions at high risk are:


Theatre Production
Electrical maintenance
The highest risky occupation is of an electrician but any occupation which deals with a large number of electronic appliances and potential exposure to water can create danger field.
Causes of Electric shock injuries at the workplace

Exposed electrical Elements

Not only in construction industries but has electrical shock accident happened also when live electrical components have exposed to the elements. This exposed element could be broken switch, damaged socket, which have proven extremely dangerous and potentially fatal.

Inadequate earthing

In some cases, we have seen that inadequate earthing led the equipment or electric accessories coming “live”. The terrible injuries can happen as a consequence of inadequate earthing.

General Poor maintenance

It is a known fact that electric equipment is tested and maintained on an ongoing basis. Do you know that exposed missing or broken elements can cause serious accidents with not only the potential of electric shock but also fires?
So, all the electric appliances should be tested after a specific period of time.
Inadequate Protection against fluid
When looking for safety, it is obvious that the rainwater or any type of fluid don’t mix up with the electric appliances. Because this can create a short circuit which damages the machine and also proven fatal for the users.

Legal Assistance of Claim

One thing you should keep in mind that to file a successful compensation claim you need to prove someone’s liability for the accident. If you are unable to prove this, you may be not awarded any compensation.
Although another thing you should keep in mind that the time limit to claim compensation is three years after the injury.
For the legal advice, you can consult expert personal injury solicitors Bury as well. They know how to fight and win the case. Personal Injury Solicitors can help you to how to proceed and what document is required to strengthen your case.