Facebook Algorithm Change
Do you think Facebook is dead? Every marketer is thinking on the same lines due to the new algorithm changes in Facebook. And, thats because marketers are going panicky about the engagement drop. They are not to be blamed. After all, its the Facebook algorithm that orders and presents the posts for users to catch the most relevant posts. Although the upgrades in anything significant come as a little trauma to the marketers, at the same time it is important too. Take the instance of Spectrum Internet. If they dont make regular upgrades, how can we experience using new, improved technologies and equipment? Thats why these upgrades and updates are important
The Facebook algorithm update of 2018 is designed to focus content around a users family and friends, This will hinder spam to be prioritized for various businesses. This is a little daunting to online entrepreneurs and brands. But, you need to come back more strong with your marketing strategies on social media. See the positives; the ultimate goal of the new algorithm is to get you more meaningful and authentic interactions. You need to improve your content quality because it is pivotal to driving in more shares and interactions

5 Ways to Keep your Facebook Marketing Game Strong with the New Algorithm

Try the following ways to drive more traffic and get more engagements on the updated Facebook:
1.       Incorporate Visuals Especially Videos
2.       Activate the Most Influential Advocates of your Brand
3.       More Photos, More Tags & Fewer Links
4.       Whenever in Doubt, Just Start a Discussion
5.       Its Time to Shift towards the Facebook Groups
Lets discuss these.

Incorporate Visuals Especially Videos

We are sure you have already heard it a million times but we will just say it again; its time for every marketer out there to try their luck in the video craze. With videos trending wildly on every social media forum especially Facebook, it would be foolish not to do so. Facebook reports that video content gets more interactions and engagement than any other content type
The video is a perfect mode to initiate a conversation and keep your subscribers and fans engaged recurrently. No matter how big or small the business setup is, marketers from every niche are essentially incorporating video in their Facebook marketing strategies. It doesnt even need a massive budget. Just a little time, energy, effort, and genuine creativity
Generally, users always pause a bit when they see a catchy video with engaging caption while scrolling through their newsfeed. And if they are brief and sweet, they usually see it all. If its a little long, it has to be genuinely engaging. Why do think makeup tutorials are trending crazily? Especially the timelapse ones!
Also, make use of the Facebook Live feature and create captivating, realtime content for your audience. With live videos, Facebook will ping your subscribers and followers and these notifications will get you more exposure

Activate the Most Influential Advocates of your Brand

Perhaps you already have your hands on the most powerful agents for your brand marketing on Facebook. But, you have overlooked them for a long time. Yes, they are your employees!
The new algorithm has made the employee advocacy more relevant than ever before. You already know that Facebook is now prioritizing content from friends rather than businesses; therefore, it is the best time to begin a program called employee advocacy. In case you already have one, you need to rev it up
Encourage your team members to share your brands content with their personal networks and friends on Facebook. This will instantly amplify your reach. Now, these shares are no more business posts, rather they are coming from a friend or a family member (the employees). This increases the chances of exposure much more

More Photos, More Tags & Fewer Links

You only need conventional wisdom to realize that Facebook prefers business setups and brands to keep the content on their forum instead of offsite linking. It is a welldocumented fact that Facebook deemphasizes links and prefers native content. And thats especially true for video content
You are not going to completely disappear from your followers and fansfeeds if you post links. But keeping your feed fresh with different types of engaging content is a good practice.  If you are blasting one external link after another, know that its a poor marketing hack. Its not going to benefit you at all with the new Facebook algorithm
Make use of visual content to garner more than 87% more interaction. Make it a regular practice to incorporate some sort of visual content with every post. It could be an infographic, visual, .gif, or a mindblowing image!

Whenever in Doubt, Just Start a Discussion

If you are a marketer making desperate efforts to game the system, know that you are going to be punished by Facebook due to the new algorithm. On all the posts, which are deemed as some sort of engagement baits, Facebook has clearly dropped a hammer on them. Facebook now recognizes posts asking for comments, likes, and shares as probable spam posts. You need to strive hard to start creative conversations with your customers without feeling any shame. After all, it’s Facebook that is encouraging content that initiates discussion.
For instance, you can have a poll. It will engage your audience.  

Its Time to Shift towards the Facebook Groups

If you are migrating towards the Facebook groups, know that its a lucrative idea. Followers and fans will willingly opt to join the groups and be a part of the discussions going on within. Also, the users who join the group are without a doubt the most serious buyers. They will definitely engage with the content of your brand because otherwise, they wouldnt make an effort to join the group in the first place
For instance, if theres a group called Spectrum Customer Service, only those people will join it who actually want to ask something about the ISP. Or, they want to have some information before ordering a digital service subscription.