Mobile Apps Reduce Upstream Operations
In the upstream business, most challenges are associated with monitoring core rig operations. Crucial data is derived and sent across other departments for decoding and analytics. Drilling functions are calculated by multiple apps which also provide real time database for upgrades, daily logging and asset management. Mobile apps like the pump by exception are designed to reduce human efforts involved in upstream operations. JOYN 2 is the latest tool with specific features to organize complex field activities and resources. It can implement several functions with a combination of automation and intelligence. 
If you follow new trends in the oil & gas sector, this information is likely to be beneficial and profitable. Your decision to adopt this latest technology developed by an enabled SaaS service provider will put you in control of the volatile nature of this business

Bridging the connectivity gap

New mobility software is developed with the aim of providing automation and intelligence to upstream companies. There is a dire need in the petroleum sector to conjoin SCADA data, automated resource allocations and workflows. An app like JOYN 2 is the first to deliver results by pump by exception method. Its features take away the major pain points of rig operations. It does not add to the operation cost and is the ideal tool to bridge the knowledge connectivity gap for pump operators. Since these men work in the most critical sites, they need to take care of mechanical operations like drilling and database required to be analyzed from active wells. Automation and Intelligence are essential to get information to make calculated decisions based on available data derivatives.

Automated techniques are money savers

As oil companies abandon manual readings and switch to automation they are looking at service providers to help them reduce risks and digitize rig operations.
There is a big thrust on:
  • Drilling techniques that reduce time and effort
  • Usage of minimum resources to get data
  • Real time monitoring & getting accurate datadriven analysis
  • Logging, production, and maintenance via mobility
One continuous challenge has been to utilize apps from vendors. Each vendor has a different format and method on which their software works. They also have different standards of measurement and performance. Hence, it can be difficult to get results. Apps need to be customized to suit production and operations. This is where pump by exception proves to be a stable tool. It has features that bring automation and intelligence together for better functionality.

Apps need to harness various technologies

To maintain standards of operations, an app should be able to perform with optimization with:
  • Artificial Intelligence, cloud, and mobile technologies

  • It should integrate all oil field operations

  • Easy to use features should enable operators to manage various resources and match tasks

  • The app should recognize critical operations, match skills, and locate nearby sites

  • It should have the ability to capture records, manage risks related to rig locations, and match data with userdefined variables

  • Integrate the use of intelligence task workflow

  • Offer a uniform view for all parties involved with the operations and business

  • SCADA systems match with the integrated engine on a common platform

  • Increase efficiency and compliances


App advantages related to pump by exception

Interconnected apps are the boon for ease of performance for most tasks. Training the lease operators to use them will help to sharpen their wits. Handy smartphones having the capability of using advanced software apps can be interconnected with the desktop or cloud. Datadriven functions reduce time and energy spent onsite. The ultimate aim of conjoining Artificial Intelligence and automation in this volatile industry promotes:
  1. Safety for personnel on highrisk rigs
  2. Assists engineering experts to manage goals on a daily basis
  3. Disruptions are handled with prior warning signs given by the algorithm behavior and past data
  4. Inventory is cross checked and replacements of wear and tear are done easily
  5. Upstream companies are able to meet changing standards and compliances related to the North American natural gas industry
  6. Deep insights allow management to optimize maintenance initiatives
Expert IT vendors who have knowledge of volatile conditions that rock this sector, research continues to make pump operator jobs and their performance easier. By creating customized apps, they make connectors that bridge the gap for accurate automation and intelligence functionality and short cycle targets. Several gas operators in the USA have grabbed the opportunity to use such apps to manage rig sites. Currently, it is the best way to make reserves grow and control financial returns. You should also invest in this latest mobile technology.