Voice search has come to stay with so many search providers using this platform to answer their user’s query. Voice search is now an essential part of every day of so many people. Many people using smartphone with reliable service provider make use of voice search instead of the traditional typing of the query in search engine to look for answer to their numerous questions.
With so many people having smartphone and using voice search on their phone, there is a need for blogger and website owner to optimize their blog if they are thinking of getting any organic traffic through voice search.
Smartphone has a voice search which helps people to search for anything on the web by speaking directly to the phone. Google Assistant, Amazon Siri, Alexa Voice Search are some of the software that you can use in order to use voice search on your smartphone.
The inclusion of voice search software on smartphone is not limited to smartphone, with so many websites and app offering voice search service on their website and application.
Google Voice search is one of the leading software in Voice search, it helps the user to search for anything on the web using voice instead of the traditional typing on query.
The software created by giant Google can be used on Smartphone, laptop, tv and so many gadgets and would display result exactly like the traditional search result

How To Optimize Your Blog for Voice Search?

With the increasing number of people using voice search, you need to accurately optimize your blog for voice search. I would show you 5 steps to optimize your blog for voice search and if you implement the steps on your blog you would experience an increase in the number of organic visitor

Mobile Friendly Theme

Since voice search users are using Smartphone instead of computer, you need to make sure that your blog is mobile friendly. If your blog is mobile friendly, your blog post would display for user when using voice search.
Replace your old theme with a new theme that is mobile friendly. If you are looking for a new theme, you can head over to website theme marketplace to buy new theme to install on your blog.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate help to protect your blog from hackers would are working continuously to gather data like name, email, credit card, and phone number from your blog. Google rank blog with SSL certificate higher when compare with blog without SSL certificate
A recent study shows that Google Voice search result display 71% of the blog with SSL compare to the 29% of the blog without SSL.
If you are thinking of a better way to get higher ranking in the SERP, then you need to have your blog protected with SSL certificate. You can use your web hosting free SSL certificate and migrate to a paid SSL certificate.

Page Speed

Page speed is another factor that helps to determine the chance of your blog ranking higher for Google voice search. A slow loading speed of blog would discourage user from visit your blog and when they visit your site, they wont interact with other pages thereby increasing your blog bounce rate.
Check your blog loading speed and remove unwanted plugins on your blog to reduce the loading speed of your blog.

Social Signal

Social media marketing is one of the best ways that new blogger use in getting new visitor. With so many people already on social media, you can leverage social media to increase your blog page view.
Voice search result is usually mobile friendly and when you share your posts regularly on social media, Google would fetch your post social media strength and gives you a high ranking in the SERP.

Evenly Distribution of keywords

Voice search user query is usually more precise compared to traditional typing. You need to include the keywords correctly in your post so that Google can crawl and index your post for the keyword.
Ranking higher for keywords in the SERP takes times and patience, new blog takes sometimes before Google would index their post for keyword and they have low domain authority which also affects them after their post has been index
Create backlink to your blog would increase your blog domain authority and also increase your ranking position in the SERP.