Over the last few years, the app-based mobile technologies have transformed the transport industry in unbelievable manner. Today, most travellers prefer using taxi services which has become more convenient and efficient means of transport. However, to outdo competitors in the sector, both small and large operators are using taxi management software to provide exceptional and customized services for their target customers.
With the demand for limo services on the rise in most parts of the world, it is important for limo service providers to exploit available technologies to improve their business. Modern limo booking software can improve the efficiency of managing your limo business, hence better customer satisfaction and higher returns. However, it is critical to consider the features and functionalities of the system and how their value to your business. This post explores the top must-have features for modern limo software.

Why Invest in Limo Booking Software

Taxi dispatch systems have been in use for some years now. Surprisingly, neither the most popularUber-X nor its many competitors entered the limo probably because they didn’t want to focus on a field perceived to have limited audience. Limo service is more than just transfer from one location to another. It involves class, power, authority, elegance and luxury for travellers, making it different from normal cabs. However, this market has been dormant for years, and not even the new revolution in the taxi industry has improved the situation.
But I have good news! If your limo business has become challenging than ever, a dynamic limo booking system is all you need to turn things around. Let’s see some of the benefits of booking system to your limo business:

1.      Improved Customer Experience

As limousine business owner, you need to understand that your customers are looking for more than just transport. Along with the luxury and comfort associated with riding in limo, they are looking for more freedom and flexibility. You need the best taxi management system for your limo services to effectively integrate processes that focus meeting limo customers’ special needs like timely arrival, waiting time, and many others. This way you will keep your customers happy and satisfied.
Moreover, it is a great way to collect customer feedback and reviews to improve your services. The review system allows your customer to rate the drivers, and the overall service enabling you to focus on solving complains to increase customer satisfaction. 

2.      Reducing the Cost of Operation

A limo booking system will enable automation of various operations, reducing the over-head costs and at the same time increase efficiency.
It can help in:
·         Automatically match passenger requests with available limousines; hence you can manage your limo fleet effectively.
·         Providing more accurate expected arrival time (ETA) and customer updates.
·         Enable vehicle tracking to enhance driver’s productivity.

3.      Easy and Convenient Booking Option

A limo booking software will be a platform through which you can make your services available to a wide range of customers. Moreover, it will enable travellers to reserve a limo for their special occasion from a mobile phone any time and from anywhere.

4.      Driver and Customer Connection

The limo management software will connect the drivers, dispatchers and customers in real time. This connectivity allows the drivers and the customer to track each other’s live location, minimizing unnecessary delays during pickup.

5.      Quick and Easy Payment

In today’s world, consumers want the flexibility of paying for services using their own convenient methods. Your limo service management system provides customers with various payment options including mobile money, PayPal and credit cards among others.

Which is the best Limo booking software?

Same case with regular taxi booking system, there are many dispatch system for limousine service providers in the market today. However, all systems in the market are not equal. How much you benefit from these options depends on your business goals and system features. In other words,there is no all-inclusive list of features to look for when shopping fora limo system. However, there are some general features that you need to consider. Below we have a list of top five features to look for in limousine booking software to look for, irrespective of your goals.

Top 5 Must-Have Limo Software Features

1. User-friendly Mobile Apps for drivers and customers

The days when a customer had to call to book a limo for their wedding or any special occasion are long gone. With smartphone, users are able to access all sorts of services from mobile apps. Therefore, it is only logical for the best limo taxi management software to incorporate mobile apps that are easy to us. Passenger and driver apps enable customers to book with utmost ease as well as the chauffeurs to accept and complete trips without a glitch. Additionally, these apps provide other functionalities, making the operations more convenient for both parties.

2. Dispatch and Tracking Features

If you are providing high-end services like limo transfers, you need to observe professionalism in all ways. This includes proper driver conduct, effective trip scheduling and dispatching of the vehicles without last minute hitches. Consequently, the best limo booking software should have features that enable real-time tracking of vehicle location for enhance scheduling of trips. Besides, tracking is a vital tool for safety.

3. Route Optimization and Fare Estimate Features

Fare estimation feature is a sign of transparency when charging your customers which in turn increase consumer trust. In addition, route optimization module enables the drivers to find the fastest route to the destination, thus minimizing fuel cost and saving time. It puts into account the traffic, road condition and other factors to suggest the idea route at any given time.

4. Payment Gateway Integration

Giving the customer the freedom to choose their preferred payment method is a must-have for modern limousine software. It is therefore advisable to ensure that your executive taxi booking system is integrated with several payment options. You may need to research the most popular payment methods among your target clients. 

5. Cloud Connectivity

Cloud connectivity makes it easy and convenient for limousine providers to manage their business any time and from anywhere. It provides quick access to customer and business data as well as various reports upon demand.
In conclusion, a taxi booking system will be necessary to succeed in the current limo service market. Do not limit yourself to the above features. You may consider other limo software features that can boost convenience, comfort and safety depending on your location and audience.

Author – Bio

Mushahid Khatri is a solution consultant at Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking app development company in 2011. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software of unmatched quality. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.