QuickBooks has been widely appreciated by the users for its nice options & functionalities. QuickBooks 2018 version could be a nice version that elated the client expertise with QuickBooks to associate degree exceptional level. Also, QuickBooks audiences were thirstily anticipating the discharge of QuickBooks 2019 which is able to have increased options to form better client expertise.

The remake has new options whereas QuickBooks 2018 version is upgraded with many updates. Let’s have a fast verify these ‘Add-on’ options. If you will face any kind of problem to operate these ‘Add-on’, you can contact QuickBooks Error support experts. They will solve your problems.

Multi-Monitor Support

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 came at the side of the lot of appreciated ‘Multi-monitor’ feature that continued within the 2019 version. The feature is helpful for accessing the multiple forms of account sorts. you’ll be able to well manage finances or maybe reconcile accounts, operate multiple QuickBooks windows to ‘Tally’ customers all at a similar time. nobody wonders why it’s thought of as an excellent Add-on for each QB 2018 and 2019.

Combining Multiple Vendors

This is another exceptional and at hand feature for an accounting software system because it ensures that the users will merge multiple vendors. Your task becomes comfortable with the merger, as a symptom, the vendors in one cluster allows simple management, removes duplicate merchant entries and joins group action records.

The previous versions allowed solely vendors merging, whereas in QuickBooks 2018 the quantity has been exaggerated to four merchant merger at a similar time. while not a doubt, the 2019 version is probably going to support a better amount than QB 2018 version.

Switch Between money &Accrual Basis

Medium Enterprises want accounting payment and dealings whereas the tiny businesses like the method of accounting. you’ll simply try this in QuickBooks 2018 & 2019 that equips you to modify between money and therefore the accounting. it’s straightforward to alter the ‘accounting basis’ from one choice to the opposite via ‘Reports window section’ in QuickBooks 2018 & 2019.

New Keyboard crosscut possibility

Another nice Add-on for Quickbooks is that the new ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ for e.g.- ctrl+alt+v etc. The new ‘shortcuts’ in QuickBooks 2018 and 2019 have improved productivity and are nice additions. The user will quickly copy and paste the transactions. It saves each time and energy.

Past Due Stamp feature

Another wonderful add-on for Quickbooks feature is that the ‘Past due stamp’ feature in QuickBooks 2018 and 2019. The feature permits you to understand their ‘Past-due Invoices.’ this is often a mechanically generated and helps each the users and customers get educated regarding their past transactions.

Transaction professional Importer

Not all the information is maintained over QuickBooks. attributable to the user preference or tool accessibility, some files could also be created to stand out and text format. dealings professional importer assures that such files will simply be converted into the QB. besides conversion, it offers the choice to edit/validate the info, map the fields, and import the logs.


With accounting comes a lot of bills and maintaining them accurately and during a timely order is nothing but a herculean task. SpringAhead helps the accountants to master this herculean It will integrate with QuickBooks to automatize the trailing of bills, sales, reimbursements, etc. on-line for quicker reportage the money transactions.

Results CRM

Nothing is best than versatile CRM designed to suit your business accounting computer code. Results CRM is obtainable in each hosted and on-premise versions to permit you central management and monitor of the business. A power tool integration with QuickBooks and alternative associated applications ensures an additional productive and effective business for you.


As a lot of and a lot of businesses are performing on the web stores, the need for the accounting code to integrate is growing vastly. this can be wherever T-Hub supports your business.

It will contour the small print between the web store, the shipping medium, and QuickBooks, therefore your businessperson doesn’t have to be compelled to communicate endlessly with the various parties to terminate the account details.

QODBC Driver

The info is indivisible from accounting and QuickBooks. However, extracting the info from QuickBooks for your business system isn’t a simple issue. QODBC Driver permits the information to be scan and written over QuickBooks with the assistance of straightforward SQL commands.

It permits numerous applications to use QuickBooks information to boost productivity by simplifying the cross-application information usage.

Thanks for reading the blog. each QuickBooks 2018 and 2019 square measure nice product to satisfy all of your accounting desires. The Add-ons square measure nice and helpful additions and enhance the productivity of your QuickBooks.

In case, you would like to grasp these very well or would like help on any of the points on top of, speak to associate degree professional at Quickbooks Support Number.