It is imperative that parents make a wise decision in kids overall upbringing and leverage the support of any possible aid. To free parents from kids’ digital woes, Bit Guardian Parental Control app is by far the best suitable solution.

Bit Guardian Parental Control android App is the digital parenting tool that all digital age parents desire. Modern parenting is tricky and requires the expertise of parental software and techniques. 

Introduction of Bit Guardian Parental Control Android App

The app is an appropriate example of modern, user-friendly parental control. It serves smartphone users and offers core functionalities to combat unnecessary screen time. 

If you do not wish to let the bad habits slide by your eyes, you need to exploit the Bit Guardian Parental Control app features. 

The core offerings range from a powerful app blocker,  effective screen time limiter, 24*7 tracking mechanism to blocking suspicious callers.  Everything you needed for fighting against kid’s smartphone addiction is now at your doorstep. 

Like other apps in the market, Bit Guardian Parental Control Android App charges users for premium features. However, the charges are relatively competitive in the market and worth every penny. While many Android apps charge for all services, Bit Guardian Parental Control app charges only for few high-end services after a free 7-day trial period.

How to Set Up Bit Guardian Parental Control App 

The installation procedure turned out to be reasonably simple during the review process.  

Grab your cell phone and install the Bit Guardian Parental Control app from Google Play Store

Select the parent mode and create a new account. Add the password for Data Protection Plan. Now comes the crucial task, add the kid along with the name, gender, number, and date of birth.

Finally, its time to install the same app (exactly with the same name) on your child’s phone. Add the credential of the parent, and in case you falter, use the alternate QR code scanning from the parent device. 

Bit Guardian Parental Control App Features

The Bit Guardian Parental Control App Features are advanced but straightforward to the extent that it serves the purpose of reducing mobile addiction and tracks kids in times of emergency. 

Here is the list of features that impressed us and made it to the best parental control app in the Android market:


  •   App Blocker– Kids have access to unsuitable apps and browsers on their phone. The App Blocker is the tool you desire to put an end to these apps. The functionality offers a fast and smart way to block apps from the list of all installed apps from the kid’s smartphone.
  •   App Install Blocker– To cut the risk of installing a new offensive app, put an end to the installation process. The kid is unable to install any new apps after the Play Store is disabled. However, what we admire about this app is that it provides the kid with a permission portal to request a new app download. With the parent’s permission, the kid will be able to install a new application. 
  •   Panic Alert– If your kid is in any danger, they simply need to press the SOS button, and a loud siren goes off on the parent’s device along with kids’ location. 
  •   Kiosk Mode– Initiate a new phone launcher on your child’s device and add select useful apps for kids.


  •   GPS- Track and monitor kids from a distance using the GPS enabled tools. 
  •   Calls– Block suspicious callers and make calling safe for kids. Both incoming and outgoing numbers can be restricted. 
  •   Anti-Theft– The best feature is the remote factory reset of a stolen phone that also tracks the phone using GPS tools. 
  •   Time Schedule– Limit your kid’s unlimited screen time in few clicks. Either set timings for tasks or set periods for their favorite apps. 

What Do We Admire in the Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

The reason we loved the Bit Guardian Parental Control App is because of its straightforward installation and easy to use controls. A non-technical person does not require referring a user manual or customer support. The well- guided app supports first-time users and offers descriptive explanations and warnings wherever needed.  

App’s features are surprisingly efficient without showcasing any alarming hiccups. Throughout the Bit Guardian Parental Control App review, we came across a systematic display of parental controls. Each control had its own distinguished use and structure, but none of it was confusing or difficult to operate.

Uninstallation from the app is relatively difficult for the kid. The app needs parent’s permission for uninstallation. Moreover, we found the app decently child-friendly. No ads were showing on the app, the SOS and Pick Me buttons are aptly located, and if the child needs to use an app or change schedule, they have the option to request the parent to remove a restriction.

We are impressed with the app and highly recommend it to our readers. This is your go-to-application if your kid is a smartphone addict and exams are around the corner. Download the Bit Guardian Parental Control App and lead a tension free life forever!