Today is the world of rapidness and video content. Nobody has time to read stuff they just love watching video-oriented content. So, animations present a great opportunity for businesses to grasp this opportunity.

Here are some free animation software creators that businesses can use to grow their marketing channels and increase their growth ratio:

1. Mango Animate Animation Maker

It is designed for beginners and even children, it includes some powerful features that let you turn your vision into animation. Revolutionary tools are combined with an easy to understand interface. Once you get used to it, you can actually try the Pro version which is not that expensive, and it has some powerful features that help you create professional animations.

It includes the following features:

  • Multilingual support
  • Advanced freehand tools
  • Animated effects for layers and shapes
  • Easy to organize and animate brushes
  • Layered PSD images and support


2. The Blender


Blender is free and open source animation software with 3D modeling capabilities, game creation, motion detection and more. With this tool, artists can convert still images to 3D animation. Blender also provides a fast build tool that allows users to convert 3D models into animated characters.

Blender includes the following animation features:

  • Automatic road running
  • Animated photo editor for characters
  • Non-linear animation for independent character movements
  • Mirror function

3. Sinfig

Synfig Studio is free and open source 2D animation software for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Despite having many advanced technical features, the open source community has built a large library of documentaries and video courses in multiple languages ​​to help newbies become professionals. The platform is also constantly being improved and users can choose between downloading the stable version or the new development version.

Synfig offers many technical animation features, including:

  • Intermediate row between vectors
  • Layer and filter
  • Skeletal system for complex bitmap editing
  • Highly advanced technical capabilities for experienced animators

4. Plastic cartoon paper

Plastic Animation is a free and original version of Animation Paper. This option is great animation software for beginners as there are tutorials in the product for how to use the software. The tutorials in this free 2D animation tool allow users to work at their own pace.

Plastic Animation Paper provides tutorials for many of its features, including but not limited to:

  • Basic drawing tools
  • Ability to organize workflow using configuration and selection menus
  • stratified
  • How to make a walking bike that includes sync with clones, a lighted table, and bondage work
  • Zoom in and turn the page


5. OpenToonz

This free (open source) animation software allows users to create 2D animations. Due to the open source nature, developers can customize this free animation software according to their needs.

Users can for OpenToonz:

  • Confuse the light of the affected event
  • Change print style
  • Create refined distortion
  • Scan four different types of images in the product – black and white, color, with or without separation.

Final Words

Decide which features in the product are important to you. For example, it’s important for beginners to decide whether you need open source animation software or animation software.

The characteristics of the product you choose should enable you to effectively achieve your ultimate goal, such as educating your target audience or promoting your brand in a new and engaging way.

Once you’ve made your choice, read verified user reviews to make the best decision for your business.