The screen of a smartphone is the most delicate part of the device. A smartphone has a large screen due to which it is more prone to slip from the user’s hand and fall. The display can crack when a smartphone falls or suffers an impact.

Sometimes the screen is cracked partially, and the user can use the phone with the cracked screen. But sometimes you need to replace the screen immediately. However, it is not recommended using the phone with a crack screen.

It is best to get the phone screen replaced by a service center or by a reputed repair facility. However, with some knowledge and skills, you can replace the screen of your phone at home. Check out these steps to replace the screen of a phone.

Find the replacement screen

The first step is to find a new screen for your phone. You need to search the local spare parts market to find the new screen for the make and model of your phone. It is difficult to find the replacement screen for some models of phone, especially for the phones older than three years. The best place to search for such models is eBay and other online marketplaces like Alibaba.

Collect the tools

The next step to replace your phone screen is to collect the relevant tools to disassemble your device. You can buy a phone repair toolkit from the markets in Darwin. If you don’t want to buy the tool kit, you can collect some necessary tools and use them for screen replacement. You need a screwdriver with different screw heads, plastic tweezer, wedge, precision knife, and a heat gun. In case the heat gun is not available, you can use the hairdryer.

Steps to replace the phone screen

After getting the new display for your phone and collecting the essential tools, you can start with the process of screen replacement. Before opening your phone, turn it off using the power button.

Opening the phone

To open your screen, you need to open the back cover and battery of your phone. Most phones have screws that you need to remove using the right screw head and a screwdriver.

Remove all the screws that you see on the back of your phone. After removing the screws, use the prying tool to part the back panel from the body of the phone.

There are ribbon cables in the phone that connect the components like the speaker, camera, flashlight, etc. Make sure you use the plastic pick to detach them as a metal blade can cut or damage them.

Then you need to take out the motherboard from the phone body and set it aside. Take out the cracked screen of your phone. Use a prying tool to remove the LCD from the body of your phone. If you find it difficult to remove the display, use a heat gun or hair dryer to blow some hot air on the edges to soften the glue and then try to remove the screen.

Use a pry tool and make the space with a plastic card between the screen and phone body until you remove the entire screen. Clean the frame and housing of your phone to ensure there are no glass particles left on edges.

Installing the new screen

Place the new screen carefully in its place on your phone. Press the edges so that it fits perfectly on the phone body. If it needs gluing, use glue on the sides to paste the screen carefully so that the adhesive does not spill or spread on other areas in your phone.

After installing the new screen, you need to install all the components that you removed, in the reverse order. First of all, you should install the motherboard in its place and then the other parts like camera, speakerphone, etc with their ribbon cables.

Put all the screws in their place and close them tightly using the right screw heads. Install the battery and put the back cover on the phone.

Turn on your phone

After replacing the phone screen, it’s time to check whether it is working correctly. Turn on your phone and check whether the display works up to the mark. If it’s working correctly, it means you have done a great job, if not, then you need to reopen and check its installation again.

Final words

These are the steps to replace the screen of a phone. The basic process is the same for all brands, but the components may be installed in different ways. It is best to check some videos on YouTube or Vimeo, for the make or model of your phone before replacing your screen.

If you are not confident about doing it yourself, you can visit a repair facility like smartphone repair Darwin for the replacement of your phone screen.