There are hundreds of accidents on roads every year. Multiple studies have found out that 90% of the accidents happen due to human errors or mistakes. And shockingly, among the 90% human accidents 70% are teen drivers who become victims of road accidents. This is a serious issue and a matter of great concern for every parent.

The federal and state laws also there to restrict the driving for teens. But they somehow manage to get their hands on vehicles and kill many people every year. Teen’s driver fasts when compared to young and adult people. This is because they are fascinated with speed from video games. Every parent wants to keep their teens away from driving until they are really good. No matter, how good they are, the state laws should not be violated.

When teens take on the driving seat, they are violating the traffic laws as well as causing risks to every person on the road. For this, the parents can play the best role. Teens should be educated about road safety, accidents and how teens should not drive vehicles. They should wait for their license and until they are grown and can better drive.

Tracking Teenagers Driving with BlurSPY

How to Use BlurSPY Tracking Feature to Monitor Teenagers Driving?

If parents want to keep eyes on their teens and prevent them from driving, they should use BlurSPY Android spy app in order to track the location of their children. The GPS location tracking feature makes it easy for the parents to keep eyes on the locations of their teens, check if they are driving or going to the places that parents find harmful.

As you will install the app, you will be able to activate the location tracking feature. After it has been turned on, the app will configure and find out the exact location of the teens. The app even tracks live location. This live tracking feature is helpful to figure out if teens are driving, traveling or moving at fast speed. The live location tracker provides the exact location to the parents. This can handy in tracking the teens and their vehicles.

Parents can also use the other options in this feature to ensure betting parental control over the teens. Apart from tracking location, the app also keeps a record of every location child has gone in a week. The details are uploaded and saved in the dashboard from where parents can view the location history as well as the places their teens have been going in a week.

If parents are worried when their teens visit any place that can be dangerous for them, they can mark such places as unwanted or unsafe for teens. Whenever the teen goes there or enters the place, the app will alert the parents and inform them their teens are near the unsafe location. Parents can then call the kids and advise them to stay away from such locations. The app helps out parents in a number of ways making their teens safe and keeps them protected all the way around.

What Else Parents Should Do?

How to Use BlurSPY Tracking Feature to Monitor Teenagers Driving?

We talked about parents can keep eyes on their teens when they are driving. This was on part of the technology or the devices that can help track locations. But the parents have an even bigger responsibility and that is to educate their kids, sit with them, talk to them about driving dangers, the risks associated, how they danger their lives and how they should drive when they are on the road.

I am sure, if every parent adopts this approach, we will see fewer accidents on the roads. This is because teens cause more accidents than young people and adults. Teens need better education and they should be provided with guidance when it comes to driving. They can keep themselves as well as other people on the road safe. All parents should understand their kids and make sure they don’t have access to vehicles until they are grown and are able to drive. They can even face jails if they are caught by the police while they are driving is the teenagers. We hope parents will sort out such issues and make everyone safe.