Not only is your email account or Facebook profile at risk of getting hacked, but your Wi-Fi faces a similar risk. Therefore, it is necessary for you to protect your Wi-Fi connection and your routers with passwords.

But before that, opt for a reliable Internet service provider that offers protection by giving you access to anti-viruses as well. Since I have teens at home, I already did call the Spectrum service number to subscribe to the most secure internet plans.

Here are some more tips that can help you safeguard your Wi-Fi from hackers:

Inconspicuous Username

Your first step towards protecting yourself against the attack of hackers would be to choose a not so common SSID. SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. While many people think that a username has nothing to do with security. It indeed does.

If you use a very common or easy to guess SSID, it will become easy for a hacker to crack the personal mode of WPA2 or WPA security. Because the encryption algorithm consists of the SSID. Moreover, the hackers have password cracking dictionaries that consist of all the common SSIDs. You can even choose to make your SSID invisible but it is not suggested to do so.

Access Admin Panel with Ethernet

You can easily access your router’s admin panel. However, as easy as this is, it also poses a risk. When you log into your router’s admin over a wireless network, the login credentials get sent over the air. This means that the chances of interception get higher as well. However, if you connect to Ethernet and then attempt to log in, you can eliminate this risk.

It is a safe option for you to disable remote access. This will ensure that you will always be in a need for a wired connection should there be a need for tweaking. In this way, even if a hacker gets access to your network wirelessly, he won’t be able to cause you any harm.

Update Your Firmware

Do not underestimate the power of updating your router firmware on a regular basis. Doing so ups your security game and that too without you having to pay any dollars for it. It doesn’t even require much of your time. And if you fail to update your firmware, it would be nothing but laziness on your part. Because we are used to the various software and other devices reminding us over and over again to update. In case we don’t get a reminder, we do not bother upgrading ourselves.

Avoid such lousiness that can cost you your important data. The majority of the routers have an option of automatic up-gradation. Therefore, open your router’s settings, hunt down the option and enable it.

Reduce the Range of Wi-Fi Signals

Most of the Wi-Fi networks make use of 802.11. This offers three varying frequency ranges. These include 2.4 GHz, 3.6 GHz, and 5.0 GHz, groups. Each of these groups consists of different ranges. You can select or set a range for your router. Setting a range that is not too far will allow the signals from your Wi-Fi router to be available to a limited area. Hence, allowing for a more secure connection.

You can easily access your router’s settings and make the required changes. Making such changes will reduce the signal strength so that they are not available to people residing far off.

However, if you do not want to go through the hassle of making changes to your router’s settings, you can simply place it in a closed room. This trick stifles the signal strength as well. But this is not a recommended way of going about it. Because it also limits the Wi-Fi speed for people who actually should be using it.

Enable Wi-Fi Encryption

This feature is particularly designed to keep the people who are trying to have access to the Wi-Fi network (in the wrong way) away. To encrypt your Wi-Fi network, you need to go to the settings and make changes. Select the encryption method from the available options in the settings.

Although encryption helps to ensure that you are secure against any hacker attacks, you should update your router settings regularly.

For me, subscribing to Spectrum bundle deals meant adding an extra protective layer apart from all the above-mentioned precautions that I took. You should also try and make a conscious effort to secure yourself. It will only take 5-10 minutes but the security that you will get will save you from a gazillion inconveniences.