A delicious cake has the ability to notch up the feelings of love, desire, passion and romance when passed to our lovers. From helping us to patch up to celebrating our love lives, we take the help of some appetising yet appealing cakes to speak of love, beautifully than the words we choose to express them. If your anniversary or lover’s birthday is soon approaching but you still haven’t quite figured out which cake to pamper him/her with, then here’s a list of delicious cakes to celebrate your love life over with. You can look for the recipe of these scrumptious cakes online or can order it online along with cake delivery in Trichy or some XYZ place, where you are currently residing. Looking to surprise your lover with any of these delicious cakes, he/she will be absolutely delighted.

  1. Red Velvet Cake – In matters of love, the colour red speaks perfectly which is why a red velvet cake is seen to be a common sight on special occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s day. A sweet amalgamation of buttermilk and vanilla with a dash of cocoa makes this silky smooth cake an absolute of others.
  2. Chocolate Bundt Cake – Chocolate is said to be a great aphrodisiac which is why it makes a perfect cake choice to celebrate your love life over. A chocolate bundt cake is a super moist cake or tender cake, topped up with a rich chocolate ganache.
  3. Heart-Shaped Cake – When love speaks it speaks beautifully over a heart-shaped cake baked with one’s love and quality ingredients. You can get a heart-shaped cake of any flavour that your lover would love and present it to him/her along with a bouquet of red roses.
  4. Strawberry Layer Cake – If your love of life doesn’t fall for a scrumptious layer cake filled with strawberry extracts and pieces, then there is seriously something wrong with him/her. Just like chocolate, strawberries are even an aphrodisiac so who knows what happens after you surprise your partner with a strawberry layer cake. *wink* *wink*
  5. LoveBirds Cake – Resembling the eternal love between you and your partner, a lovebirds cake will be perfect to grace any lovey-dovey occasion. Get this cake customised as per your partner’s favourite flavour and get the cake made in fondant kind.
  6. Tier Cake – Express your love and gratefulness for your partner over a grand tier cake as grand as your love for him/her. You can opt for a floral or swirl buttercream tier cake or could be a fondant one with some additional colourful/ shimmery sprinkles.
  7. Figurine Cake – Shower the eternal love over your loving partner by surprising him/her with a figurine cake. You can decide which romantic pose you want your baker to design for your figurine to hold.
  8. Mushy Teddy Bear Cake – Who doesn’t love teddy bears? Everyone does! Which is why a mushy teddy bear cake will be yet again perfect to celebrate your love life over with. Get a cutesy bear cake and see the kind of appeal it has on your lover!
  9. Joined Hearts Cake –  “Whatever your hearts are made of, yours and mine are made of the same.” Leave your partner in complete awe of you with a joined hearts cake to celebrate your day of love with your darling spouse.
  10. I Love You Alphabet Cake – Say those three magical words in the sweetest most possible as you surprise your partner with an “ILY” Alphabet cake. Trust us, your partner is going to be left in awe of you, once you present him/her with this cake. Something like this cake is sure to make your day of love incredibly special.

So, these were some of the delicious cakes that are made available across many reputed online or offline bakeries across various cities and states. You can get it made in egg/eggless variant, as per your choice and budget. Also, personalisation facility is offered over these cakes which will make your day of love a remarkable affair to remember for the rest of your life. So, order any of these scrumptious delights and confess your love for your lover in the most delightful manner possible.