Now that travel restrictions have eased, many people across the UK are planning to re-book their dream holiday. However, despite people’s excitement, it is important to understand that there is every possibility that there will be delays due to the fact that thousands of people will be arriving and departing from the airport every day. Delays are so common in airport environments that 11% of UK flights were temporarily halted in the second quarter of last year. With this in mind, this article will discuss in detail the top tips on how to arrive on time for your flight to reduce any unexpected delays.

Wake Up Earlier And Give Yourself Enough Time

One of the most common causes for lateness at airports is not allowing yourself enough time to commute and check-in. And where does this commonly stem from? Not waking up early enough. A general rule of thumb is to arrive 60 minutes before your departure for a domestic flight and at least 2 hours for an international flight. Let’s assume you are departing for an international flight at 1:00pm, this means that the recommended time for you to arrive at the airport is 11:00am. Now that you have this basic information, it’s just a matter of reverse planning and calculating how long it takes for you to commute to the airport, pack, and get yourself ready and ultimately, the time you should aim to wake up for.

Pack The Night Before

The next piece of advice we recommend to avoid arriving late to the airport is to pack everything you need the night before. Nothing is as frustrating and stressful as flipping your home upside down searching for the new holiday item you specifically bought for abroad weather but it is nowhere to be seen. This, accompanied with being constricted for time, is a recipe for total disaster. The solution? Pack and check everything you need the night before to avoid any misfitunrute on the day of your flight.

As a side note, the following items to check the night before consists of:

ID or Passport
Boarding ticket
Airport outfit
Clothing that may contain metal objects like belts or jewellery
Snacks/liquids in the appropriate containers
Luggage bags to check it is the correct size, weight and isn’t breaking
Alarm clock time
Commute time

Arrive on Time For Your Flight

Airport Chauffeur/Transfer

One of the most effective measures to arrive on time for your flight is to hire an airport chauffeur transfer. Travelling abroad is something we all look forward to, so it is important to select a professional chauffeur service that will ensure the process of travelling to and from the airport is as stress-free and as comfortable as possible. All chauffeur companies understand how crucial it is to arrive at the airport in sufficient time which is why they recommend you arrive at least 2 or 3 hours in advance of your flight departure. Chauffeur companies will also calculate your pick-up time, ensure your luggage is loaded, and you are ready to set off in plenty of time. Theory will also have planned an alternative route for any road congestion or misfortunes that may occur on the voyage towards the airport destination. Finally, your airport chauffeur will arrive 15 minutes in advance of your finalised collection time so you will never have to worry about being late.

Onsite Hotels

Now this tip is revolutionary. If you are worried about arriving late for your flight and want to be absolutely certain that you will not be handed the misfortune of experiencing lengthened commute times or accidents on the way to the airport, you can always try out the hotels situated near the airport. This way, you are already at your destination and can plan accordingly for when you need to be at the flight gate. You may even be eligible for room service to help you start the day correctly and refreshened.

Online Check-in When to Arrive at Airport

Almost all airlines offer an online check-in alternative. When you make an early check-in online, you can also see the time you should be at the airport for. This makes the process of arriving, to then being sat on the plane a much smoother experience and will shave valuable minutes if you are tight for time.

As a side note, it is always better to allow yourself an additional 30 minutes extra since airlines likely have necessary procedures due to Covid 19 which may make queuing and check-in times slightly longer so always bear this in mind.

Final Point

While you can perform everything by the book in terms of strategies to avoid being late to the airport, there still may be some scenarios that are completely out of your control. For example, there may be:

Unexpected traffic on the day of your travels due to road closures
Increase in security measures at the airport
Unexpected weather that slows down traffic
Increase in travellers due to seasonal holidays

Therefore, it is advised that you allow yourself as much time as possible as it is better to be waiting in an airport lobby as opposed to standstill traffic.