It is quite possible that there are a lot of important videos on the computer. These videos are about the good memories in the life, and users must want to keep them safe. However, if some important videos are deleted by mistake, users must want to find a way to recover deleted videos from PC.
In general, when users delete videos files on the computer, they will be firstly moved to the Recycle Bin where users are able to restore the deleted files to their original path. However, if the videos are deleted permanently, is it possible to recover them?
It is possible, of course! As long as the deleted videos files are not overwritten by new data, users can use a professional video recovery tool to get them back. MiniTool Photo Recovery is such a program.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from PC with MiniTool Software?

As the best video recovery software, MiniTool Photo Recovery can be used to recover videos files from different kinds of data storage devices, including computer hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, memory cards, and more.
This software offers users with a free edition which enables them to recover 200MB videos without paying any cent. Now, users can download and install this freeware on the computer to try whether it can find the deleted video files.
Now, in this post, we will show users how to recover deleted videos Windows 10 with this program.
Step 1: Launch the software to enter its main interface. Then, click on the Start button to enter the next interface.
Launch the software
Step 2: Then, this software will show users the drives it can detect. Here, users need to choose the drive which has saved the deleted videos before. Take drive D: as an example in this post.
scan the target drive
Since users only need to recover the videos files, they can press Setting button to choose the needed data types. This design in this software can save a lot of scanning time for users, and they can find the target files easily from the scan result interface then.
Setting function
When all are selected, users can press the Scan button to begin the scanning process.
Step 3: When the scanning process ends, users will see the videos files this software can find including the deleted and existing items.
check file size
Here, users can click each folder on the left list of the scan result interface to identify the video files in the folder they want to recover.
Then, they can check their needed files and click on the Save button to choose a proper location to store them. Importantly, users should not save these files to the original path. Otherwise, they might be overwritten and become unrecoverable.
If the deleted videos users want to retrieve are larger than 200MB, they can get a license key from the MiniTool official site to register it, and then they will be able to restore their needed files without limitation. For personal users, the Personal Deluxe edition is satisfied.

The Other Choice for Users to Recover Deleted Videos from PC

MiniTool Photo Recovery is not the only option to recover deleted videos from PC. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is another piece of MiniTool data recovery software which can also do such a job.
This program has four recovery modules, including This PC, Removable Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive, and CD/DVD Drive.
choose a proper recovery module to recover deleted videos from laptop
The data types this tool can restore are even more, including missing word documents, lost music files, disappeared photos, and more.
Users can firstly download and install the trial edition of this software on the computer to try whether it can find the desired videos. If the result is positive, users can update this software to an advanced edition to retrieve all the needed videos without limit.
To recover deleted videos from PC, users need to use This PC recovery module of this software. Now users can get the detailed guide from the help tutorial of This PC, and we will not repeat it here.


When users lose or delete some important video files by mistake, before the deleted files are overwritten by new data, they can ask MiniTool Photo Recovery and MiniTool Power Data Recovery for help to recover deleted videos from PC.
Thus, users had better stop using the target drive to prevent the deleted items from being overwritten. Please remember this reminder.