Best New Wedding Trends for Fall 2019

Best New Wedding Trends for Fall 2019

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As a bride-to-be, two questions often come up with alternating frequency during conversations: “How did you know that he was Mr. Right?” as well as “How will you discover perfect fall wedding dress?” While the first is easy to answer, the second question may still be a blur. In fact, choosing a wedding dress is one of the hardest things you’d have to go through while planning your wedding.

In addition to considering all the different styles and trends out there, you still need to consider your body shape and theme of your wedding. Since the wedding dress sets the tone of your big day, it’s important that it reflects your style and personality. While shopping for the dress, here are a few tips to make the choice even simpler for your fall wedding.


Having a good idea of the place and time the wedding will take place will help you narrow down your search parameters. For instance, if you intend on having a daytime ceremony at the beach, a ball gown with a long train and other embellishments is a no-no. If the event is taking place at a cathedral, a short slip dress is out of the question.

Most of the fabrics on the market are great for all-year use. However, materials like organdy and linen are more comfortable for use in warm weather. Brocade and velvet are more appropriate if your wedding takes place in winter.

Have a Budget

Slow down and take your time to budget and figure out how much wedding you can afford. This includes how much you are willing to spend on the dress and make sure you communicate the figure with the salesperson. Doing this helps you avoid heartbreak any time you come across a dress you love, but can’t afford.

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In a typical scenario, the wedding gown, veil, and other garnishes usually take up to 15 percent of the wedding budget. Make sure that you include allowances for extras like alterations, which can bring the total cost by up to a couple of thousand dollars. On arrival, the dress may need professional steaming or pressing, which can cost a few more hundred.

Shop Early

Start looking around at least six or even nine months before your set wedding day, including shopping offline and online so you have an idea of dresses on trend for weddings. In many cases, it will take a dress manufacturer for about four months to make your garment, and another two to complete any necessary alterations. Expect an elaborate gown to take longer.

If you are short on time, your options will be limited and they will come at an additional fee. Plus, make sure you shop around the sale section for samples that you can purchase off-the-rack. You may get lucky and get a dress that requires only a few alterations.


The wedding gown industry uses a couple of terms you’re not likely to find used during every day shopping for clothing items. Terms like Watteau train, basque waist, sheath silhouette, and even different shades of white might all be new things to you. The best way to learn about them is poring through bridal sites, books, and magazines so you have a good idea of what exactly will work for you.

As you search for your perfect wedding dress, don’t get discouraged if you don’t find it in the first place you look. In fact, expect not to find the perfect one on your first day of looking. After all, it’s better to find the gown you fall in love with than one you purchase in a hurry and regret later.

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