Why Your Latest SEO Push May Not Be Working Yet

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Sometimes site owners bother little about SEO, and all they understand is the business. Sometimes SEO experts bothers little about ethics, and again they bother only about more clients and business. When two such heads combine then bad SEO takes place. Bad SEO, unethical techniques, and unhealthyways of trying to climb up the ranking ladder results in many such faults, which doesn’t miss the eyes of google. No or then those would be recognized, and when they get recognized, then the site owner pays the penalty. The site loses ranking. Andalso may get deindexed in the harshest of cases.

That’s why you must know that while you know you are exerting the latest SEO push for the site’s growth and ranking, if that’s really healthy and good enough or just a devastating big flow which may lower the site’s ranking. Why your SEO big decisions are not working, and what you have been being wrong amongst all things is the thing to find out, so that you may rectify the steps and bring the site back into the competition. Here is what your best SEO services may be doing wrong, and you must investigate to know.

Too much of keywords

Using of too many keywords is called keyword stuffing. Usually many people still believe in the concept of using as many keywords as possible on a web page. But they forget that while trying to stuff keywords, the naturalness and soberness of the content vanishes. The content looks like a big bouquet of keywords instead of looking like a normal meaningful and engaging content. Imagine the problem of the readers as they try to extract whatever is worthy out of the keyword stuffed sentences. This looks bad, reads bad, and is a practice Google has already objected.

Hidden text

Refrain from the use of hidden texts. Texts containing keywords and meta tags, which are not of the size or color or font style that human eyes could read, but can be deciphered by the search engine robots, is totally unethical. You must not do this. Only content that is publicly viewable and adds to site value must be used.

Page redirect

Hiding the actual webpage, and redirecting the user to another page is a really bad practice. The user loses faith on the site and would not like to come back again. This is kind of a violation of the trust of users, and google heavily penalizes such things.

Meta tag stuffing

Large keywords are stuffed inmeta tags at times. This also is a prohibited action. Stuffing the meta tag is not going to help anywhere. The job of the meta tag is to tell the search engine what is available in that content. Stuffing the metatag with too many keywords may confuse the algorithm.

Manipulating links

Links are manipulated at times by SEOs. It’s kind of like link exchange but in an unethical way. Hence it does not impact the ranking positively. If you are manipulating links by using them irrelevantly on other sites, then stop this.

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Author Bio: This is Naveen Kumar the CEO and founder of JDM Web Technologies. Being an expert in Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified accompanied by 10 years of experience in the field of SEO, Digital Marketing, PPC and ORM. We offer Affordable SEO Packages and I can provide you with the link building services. I also have a team of highly professional and knowledgeable digital marketing experts who can serve you with the best quality services you can ever expect.

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