3 top itineraries for you when on a wildlife vacation in Costa Rica

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Planning a wildlife holiday, such as a visit to the Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica, isn’t that easy; as one among the world’s most bio-diverse countries, it’s challenging to decide where precisely you should visit. Birds abound all through the nation, making any itinerary valuable for birders, but there’re specific jewels within the nation’s ample crown. These comprise a tour to correspond with the nesting green turtles of Tortuguero National Park, touring some among the country’s very best birding sites, and travelling to the nation’s south with its flagship wildlife reserve of the Corcovado National Park.


Corcovado in the south

This National Park safeguards the greatest surviving tract of key rainforest along the Pacific coast, making it one among the country’s topmost parks – and the topmost of several nature enthusiasts’ itineraries for an amazing wildlife vacation in Costa Rica. Travelling to it sees groups passing through Talamanca Mountains, the lowland rainforests of the Piedras Blancas National Park, the pre-montane wet forest of the Wilson Botanical Gardens (featuring a formidable 2,000 varying plant species together with 350 bird species), and lastly, a two-hour cruise near the Sierpe River to the Corcovado Park. There, notable highlights comprise the nation’s greatest population of Scarlet Macaws, the very rare white-crested coquette as well as the memorable Baird’s Tapir.


Nesting turtles and Birds

This route to Tortuguero takes vacationers to upland and lowland forests on both of the nation’s coastlines. Crossing the nation’s mountainous spine, vacationers might see a minor eruption of the volcano in the Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica. Inside the cloud forests of the Talamanca Mountains, enthusiasts can seek the splendid Quetzal; one among the nation’s uncontested gems that are widely taken to be one among the world’s most beautiful birds. Next, the Carara National Park on the Pacific in the lowland offers rainforest and mangrove habitats you can explore. After seeing the Arenal’s minor eruption, birders can descend to the coast of the Caribbean and the Tortuguero National Park. While there, on the black-sand beaches, the rare green turtles come ashore between June and October to lay their eggs. Groups on a wildlife vacation in Costa Rica late into the nesting season might also witness young ones that are newly hatched emerging from earlier nests and making their popular dramatic dash to the sea’s relative safety.


The best birding

With more than 850 known bird species to date, the nation is certainly a haven for birders seeking an exciting and rewarding holiday. Several rare wonders await you within the nation’s varied habitats. Any itinerary will certainly be rich in amazing bird life, but going on a tour through as many among the habitats as you can, will make sure you get a broad glimpse into the nation’s amazing biodiversity. The route spans from the Talamanca Mountains’ cloud forests to the Carara National Park’s lowland rainforest, La Ensenada Wildlife Refuge dry forests and wetlands, the lakes and mountains of the Arenal Volcano National Park, Monteverde’s cloud forests, and Selva Verde Lodge’s lowland evergreen forest, from where middle elevation forests, as well as tropical forests, can also be reached by enthusiastic birders.

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