If you want to enhance your landscape and bring life there, then adding a water element will be the ultimate choice for you. It will soothe the environment and will work as a source of water to the wild animals including birds, dragonflies, and many more. And when it comes to water elements, there are several options to choose from. For this, choosing the right one is often difficult.

To help you, here we have put together a few mistakes that you should avoid when installing such an element.

  1. Wrong water feature

Nowadays, there are different types of water features to choose from. It is no more one size fits all. Different water elements have different levels of maintenance. Sometimes homeowners install a pond without understanding the kind of maintenance work that it will require. In case, you have a tough schedule and you can hardly manage time, then it is better for you to have a professional maintain your water element, or go for a lower maintenance one. For instance, a pondless waterfall looks like a natural one, however, it does not have the fish or pond, which need a higher level of maintenance work. Never forget to consider the maintenance plan while designing your water element.

  1. Poor location

Always start with a well thought out design. Ponds are often placed in an unused area of a property or in a low spot, which collects water. Both of these locations cause issues. Unused areas of the landscape are unused for a reason, and there is no point of installing a key feature in an area, which will not be seen on a regular basis. Out of sight is out of mind, so there is a possibility that nobody will care for it or enjoy it. Low spots, which collect water, are challenging to build in and water quality can suffer from too much runoff, as well as pollutants entering the pond. So, it is always better not to choose a proper location for your water element.

  1. Too small

A small water pond is easier to construct but it is difficult to maintain. It is because a small water element is less stable than a larger volume of water. And most people end up reconstructing the water element to make it large because they not only love it, but their fish and plants outgrow a small feature. A well-designed water element needs to fit the space.

  1. Improper use of stone and rock

A typical water element uses different types of stones in order to offer it the desired naturalistic look. Many people, who want to practice DIY method, prefer to choose small-sized or manageable stones, which are easy to move and place. While the work may seem easier, this results in the pond falling short of aesthetics. Furthermore, the pond loses the structural importance offered by the larger, as well as more difficult-to-move boulders. Some homeowners eliminate the stonework, however, it looks artificial. Without gravel and rock, the system fails to work properly. So, use stone properly when you installing a pond.

These are some of the mistakes that most homeowners made while installing it. You should be careful and try to avoid these mistakes when adding the same. If you want to incorporate a water element other than a fountain, then you can go for a fountain, birdbath or something else. There are several companies that offer water features Sydney, Australia, and other place in Australia. Choose a reputable company and buy a suitable water element.

Author Bio: William Mack, a popular blogger on water features Sydney, here writes on the mistakes to avoid when adding water features.