Having a newborn baby is an occasion of celebration for any family. Friends and relatives of the family offer gifts for the newborn on occasion. Although there are many items in Canberra, one can choose as a gift for the new baby, but some people always find it challenging to buy the perfect gift.

From clothing to feeding essentials to toys, there are many things you can buy for a baby. However, it is essential to purchase items that perfectly suit the occasion. This post shares some gift ideas to offer a newborn baby.


If you are confused about what to buy for the newborn, the best you can do is to buy a set of clothes. There are many items like bibs, mittens, caps, vests, booties. However, it is essential to buy only cotton clothes for a baby as they are made from natural fibers and good for baby’s soft skin. Make sure the texture of the clothes is soft while buying it from a store.

Bathing Essentials

Parents need bathing essentials to bathe the newborn baby. You can buy a set of bathing essentials from a store and gift it to the parents of the baby. Bathing essentials for a newborn are also available on online stores. They include the baby soap, cream, oil, brush, lotion, and some other items for bathing and comforting the baby.

Feeding essentials

The feeding essentials are the items that parents of a baby use to feed him or her. They include feeding bottle, extra nipples, sippers, and some milk supplements for the newborn baby. There are two options to buy feeding essentials for a baby. You can buy a branded feeding kit, or you can buy separate items and pack them in a gift basket yourself.

Swaddling cloth

Parents of a newborn baby need swaddling clothes to wrap the baby. They need them as many as possible as the babies can pee and spoil them in no time. Again, you should buy the swaddling clothes made of cotton only as they are safe for the delicate skin of a newborn baby.

Cloth Diapers

Diapers are essential for a baby, and parents need them as much as possible. So, you can buy a large pack of diapers for the newborn and offer it to his/her parents. However, you need to buy soft cloth diapers of the size for a newborn as they come in various sizes. If you buy online make sure you select the correct size before placing your order.

Play Gym

A play gym is a set of toys to engage the babies under three to six months of age. As the babies engage their parents to take care of them all day, a play gym engages the baby in playing. While the baby plays in the play gym, parents can do the necessary tasks they need to perform in their routine.

Baby skincare

The skin of a newborn baby is too soft and needs special care. There are many baby skincare products available in the markets. You can buy a baby skin care kit, or you can purchase individual items and assemble them to create a gift basket. Skin care products include baby soap, shampoo, cream, massage oil, body lotion, and wipes. It is best to buy a branded skincare kit instead of purchasing individual items unless you have enough spare time.

Baby proofing kit

Babies are prone to hurt themselves when they start to crawl. As everything in their home is new for babies, they touch and fiddle everything that comes in front of them. Many things, such as switchboards, and electrical items are harmful and can hurt the baby. So the parents need to cover some items that can harm the baby. A baby proofing kit contains the accessories to cover the dangerous items and make your house baby-proof.

Baby carrier

A newborn baby is difficult to hold in hands as it moves here and there. So the parents need a baby carrier to carry the baby when they are going out. Gifting a baby carrier is a great idea to comfort the parents for moving or carrying their baby. There are two types of baby carriers – baby carrier sling and pram with wheels. A sling allows the parents to hold the baby on their chest or the back while a pram enables them to lay the baby in it and move it on the wheels.

Final Words

These are some gift ideas for newborn babies. You can buy any of these items to offer a gift to the parents of a newborn baby. In addition to these items, there are plenty of other options available. You can buy the baby gift hampers Canberra online or from physical stores. All you need is to research and take some advice from elders to buy a perfect gift from the baby.