5 Common Mistakes That Could Be Making You Vulnerable To Cybercrime

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Cybercrime is the new menace that has taken over the world. Unlike in the past when crime was limited to contact crimes such as physical robbery and theft, nowadays there are numerous ways in which you can fall prey to unscrupulous members of society. Cyber crime can be witnessed in form of phishing, identify theft, hacking and even cyber bullying. Here are some common mistakes that often make people susceptible to cyber crime:

  1. Failure to secure passwords

Your password should remain private and confidential at all times. With all the different online accounts that require passwords, you might be tempted to create one common password for all your accounts. However, this is a terrible mistake because if someone manages to get this password, then they will have access to all your online accounts. Another common password mistake is writing down passwords in a password book. This is another easy way in which cyber criminals can access all your codes. To prevent this, always create a strong password and keep it secure at all times.

  1. Having a low quality device

This is another common problem that can make you susceptible to cyber crime. Low quality mobile phones have limited security features and this makes them easily vulnerable to tampering.  Hence, it is advisable for you to get an encrypted phone that has maximum security features. With an encrypted mobile phone, you will be assured of better safety and confidentiality. Hence, if you are a public figure and you’re afraid that people might want to try and hack your phone, ensure that you get an encrypted phone today from GSECC. They are the leading experts when it comes to encrypted mobile phone technology.

  1. Clicking on suspicious links

When browsing on the internet, you might be tempted to click on some juicy pop-up ads that appear on your screen which state that you have won a competition or offer another false tale. Don’t believe it for a moment! This is a common scam used by cyber criminals to trap unsuspecting internet users. Hence, you should only browse on secure websites and click on reliable links. If you find any website asking for your credit card information or passwords, shut down that tab immediately.

  1. Failure to update software

As time progresses, cyber criminals continue to come up with more ingenuous ways to steal your information. Thus, app and phone developers must also remain on their toes by constantly updating their software to make the systems more secure. For this reason, you should never miss an opportunity to update your phone apps and software since old programs may have some loopholes that can be exploited for cyber crime.

  1. Using public WiFi

We all love free WiFi. However, in some cases, unsecured public networks expose you to a variety of malware and spyware that could easily corrupt your device. Thus, you should only use secure networks or better still, carry your own portable WiFi.

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