Ever since the Aeron chair burst onto the scene a few years past, mesh office chairs are very common. Mesh chairs are very unique; from their original styling to the way, the user feels once they sit.

Because of their quality, most office chair makers currently have their own version of a mesh chair. This implies that the market is currently flooded with mesh chairs starting from low-cost import chairs to very high-end ergonomic chairs that are created to order within India.

The mesh office chair topic is extremely polarizing as may be expected with any common item. Individuals appear to either love mesh chairs or hate them. During this article, we’ll share with you the downsides to mesh office chairs and also the reasons why they’re not a fit for each client.

Before obtaining started it’s necessary to understand that there are 3 distinct forms of mesh office chairs. The primary type is a mesh seat and back with no padding. Mesh is just stretched across a chair frame on the seat and back. The second type is a mesh back with padded mesh seat. This chair will have a seat that seems like a typical padded office chair however the back can have mesh stretched across the frame. The third sort may be a padded mesh seat with a padded mesh back. These models use the mesh upholstery for appearance, that creates a feel terribly just like traditional office chairs.

6 Mesh Office Chair Problems

  1. Can sag or be too stiff
  2. Abrasive to skin and clothing
  3. Difficult to clean
  4. Not versatile
  5. Cooler office environment
  6. The frame can be uncomfortable

1. Mesh Seats With No Padding Will Sag Or Be Too Stiff

One of the most important issues with a mesh chair is that it’s terribly tough to style a mesh seat that’s each comfortable and supportive. A mesh office chair can nearly always be too soft or too exhausting.

Most higher-end mesh chairs are going to be upholstered with a soft mesh whereas lower-end chairs can typically have a hard mesh. A soft trap will initially be more comfortable for the user. It’ll feel smoother and can expand additional which may produce a more well-off sit.

Mesh can sink down a bit more and provides the user the feeling of floating, this can be one thing that a lot of mesh chair users rave concerning. But, mesh that’s allowed to stretch and contract a considerable quantity over and over can eventually sag, this will result in the client having to replace the seat or whole chair.


The other major downside with soft mesh is that expands and contracts over the exhausting mesh so it’ll not properly disperse your weight over the whole thing of the seat. Instead, the mesh can produce associate degree uneven flex purpose that causes the bulk of the pressure to be placed on the tailbone. This will cause pain, numbing or discomfort once using the chair for an extended period of your time.

A hard mesh is going to be far more consistent in its performance over time however the comfort level is extremely low to start with compared to soft mesh. The flex point delineated higher that won’t be near as pronounced however there’ll be no likelihood that the user experiences a sense of floating. The seat is going to be abundant too exhausting to not notice the seat. A tough mesh seat can feel similar to sitting on a surface like wood than a typical office chair created of foam and fabric.


Some merchandise with soft mesh seats just like the Aeron or the Ergohuman, linked above, became unbelievably popular. The Ergohuman is one of our most popular merchandise and that we have received much more praise than complaints.

We suggest only using these styles of chairs for fewer than eight hours per day with multiple rest intervals throughout the day to induce out of the chair and walk around, this can facilitate to cut back the strain caused to the tailbone as described above.

We don’t suggest chairs that feature a tough mesh seat.  There are several alternatives out there that enable a user to combine a mesh back with a cushioned fabric, leather or vinyl seat; this can result in a more comfortable sit further as an additional value effective choice.

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2. Mesh Can Be Abrasive To Skin And Clothing

Mesh upholstery is far coarser than leather or fabric upholstery, therefore, there’s a higher chance for the course material to cause abrasions to the skin or injury to clothing, like dress pants.

It is important to know that there’s a good range in the quality of mesh used on office seating. The better quality mesh is soft and swish compared to lower quality mesh.  This helps to reduce the chance of skin irritation or clothing injury.

Mesh is an upholstery created fully out of synthetic materials, not like leather. In some instances, the plastic, polyethylene, nylon, PVC or PTFE will cause skin irritation to the user.



Our initial recommendation is that users with any style of an allergic reaction to plastic, polyethylene, nylon, PVC or PTFE ought to avoid mesh office chairs owing to the discomfort it should cause to the skin.

We conjointly advocate periodically checking your clothing for any wear being caused by the mesh. This can be particularly vital on things like dress pants, dress shirts or clothing made up of soft materials like silk.

Our final recommendation is to avoid having large or bulging things sort of a wallet or mobile phone in your back pants pocket. Extra wear will usually be found in areas wherever large objects are present.

3. Mesh Is Tough To Clean

Cleaning choices with mesh are going to be more restricted than different chair upholsteries. The non-padded mesh will simply be dusted with a vacuum; but, clean up the chair with a paper product like napkins, paper towels or tissue is going to be additional of a nuisance than a facility. The mesh upholstery can shred the paper product and add to the mess.

Using a material towel and water may also be a small amount risky as a result of the friction caused by cleaning with a towel combined with obtaining the mesh wet could build the mesh fray or split apart.

The padded mesh is going to be even harder to wash. along with the problems of using a paper product or a cloth towel and water, the cushioned mesh also will be terribly tough to vacuum since several of the dirt, dirt and food particles are going to be intermediate the mesh and seat foam.



Prevention goes to be the simplest methodology to stay your mesh chair clean. Avoid things that may add to the potential of the chair changing into dirty, such as: feeding at your table or carrying dirty clothes/uniform in the chair. Try to keep the area around the chair as clean as attainable to cut back dirt and dirt that may become a gift on the mesh.

If you do need to clean the mesh, 1st attempt a vacuum. Be sure to be very soft and avoid pressing down on the net. Let the vacuum hover simply over the mesh. If a towel and resolution are important, then gently rub the dirtied spot with a soft cloth and cleaner water and permit to air dry.

4. Mesh Isn’t Versatile

Mesh isn’t usually the popular choice of designers as a result of it limits their ability to customize a space to their style. There are many various mesh chairs on the market however most of them have terribly similar looks with a very restricted color choice.

Mesh meshes and there isn’t really a way to decorate it up. Some makers provide totally different color choices however the ability to decide on between different patterns in order to make a unique office design isn’t aiming to be as straightforward because it is with fabric chairs.

Mesh isn’t a good choice for industrial, producing and deposition applications as a result of the mesh can act as a net, trapping little materials which will be terribly tough to get rid of. Things like metal shavings, sawdust, and chunks of plastic will injury the mesh or cause injury once somebody unknowingly uses a mesh chair with an object lodged into it.

Workers in industrial environments usually carry tools which will be sharp or sturdy enough to puncture or rip the mesh once the user sits down. This can be another hazard for a mesh chair in an industrial setting.



We recommend that mesh chairs be restricted to applications like offices, colleges, and conference rooms. Mesh chairs fit better in these areas as a result of the user is usually sitting in the chair for a couple of hours at a time and also the setting will not be damaging to the chair.

If a designer includes a client that’s an insistence on mesh seating, then we recommend brands like Neutral Posture and Nightingale due to the fabric choice available on the seat. This will allow some customizability.

  1. Neutral Posture Chairs
  2. Nightingale Chairs

5. Mesh Creates A Cooler Office Atmosphere

The biggest point for mesh office chairs is often the breathability. flowing and keeping you cool is touted because the biggest positive by almost each mesh chair manufacturer. This point is simply positive for restricted applications and users.

If you reside in a very place like Florida or Arizona and your office has the windows if open, then the only way to trap the trap is to run. for somebody living in a very cooler climate like Minneapolis or in a very workspace That there is air conditioning on high, it feels like the breath of the net a moot point and may be a disadvantage.

Unless your office atmosphere is hotter than a typical workplace atmosphere, that is sometimes around 68-74 degrees, then the “cooling effect” of mesh is noy|isn’t any} longer an overall positive.

The breathability and “keeping you cool” point is additionally seldom a positive for half the individuals employing a mesh chair, which is women. Studies have shown that girls feel cooler on the average compared to their male counterparts.[i] ladies area unit a lot of likely to be chilly once men are comfy, and a lot of doubtless to feel comfy once men are heating. Mesh chairs solely exacerbate this drawback and can usually cause ladies to be uncomfortable thanks to being too cold.


We don’t suggest buying mesh chairs solely due to their ability to stay the user cool unless the atmosphere is abnormal heat compared to a typical office. If you opt to use a mesh chair it’s vital to stay in mind that you simply might need warmer clothing to remain comfy.

6. Frame Is Uncomfortable

Since most mesh chairs are designed with very little to no padding, the frame will typically become more pronounced to the user.

On a cushiony office chair upholstered in leather or material, the user won’t acquire contact with the chair frame as a result of the froth cushioning will spill over the frame creating for a fair bit over the entire seat.

Mesh chairs are going to be created by stretching the mesh over the chair frame and since there isn’t cushioning, the user’s legs, butt, back or shoulders might come into direct contact with the chair frame which might be uncomfortable.

Another drawback which will occur is reduced blood flow to the lower legs due to Cutting off the circulation in front of the chair seat frame. Some chair models do a much better job than others to assist alleviate this drawback.

A waterfall seat shape may be a style that includes a seat front that drops off dramatically that helps to cut back poor circulation. different chair models might place a tiny low piece of foam on the chair front solely, in a trial to assist cut back this drawback.


Look very closely at the chair frame with regard to the mesh around it. If there’s a thick plastic frame that’s visible outside of the mesh, then there’s a robust chance that the issues described higher than will be a gift. try avoiding these forms of chairs.

If you have got already purchased a chair with these issues and are trying to find relief, then try placing a folded piece of clothing or a tiny piece of foam over the portion of plastic that’s causing discomfort.