Health professionals assess a person tosuffer from erectile dysfunction whentheyhave a difficult timeto get an erection . Orperiodically struggle to maintain aadequate erection that allows them to participatewith sexual activity, or even penetrativesexual activity.

There are Male enhancement  treatments available forerectile dysfunction, themostcommon beingthe male enhancement pill.

This articlereviews some ofthetestosterone pills for menthat are available for purchase.The article also examines somealternatives.

What are male enhancement tablets?

Male enhancementdrugs are usuallyused to treaterectiledysfunction. Theytypically contain phosphodiesterase type5 (PDE5) inhibitors, such as sildenafil citrate.

Most people are advised tohave no more thanonepillevery day.However, one mustadhere to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Sildenafilwas approved by theFood and Drug Administration (FDA)approval from the FDA.

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in 1998.Thereafter,PDE5 inhibitors,such asTadalafil, have also been grantedFDAapproval since the time of approval.

The FDArecently issued a cautionary statement

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regarding products that may be contaminated with sexual enhancement.It is therefore recommended toseek advice from a doctor prior topurchasing any male enhancement pill.

Erectile dysfunction and male enhancement

It istypicalthat people experiencedifficulty with erections throughouttheirlives. If theyare constantly strugglingwith sexualactivity, they mighthavean erectile disorder.

Male enhancementpills maytreat erectile dysfunction and improveoverallsexual performance.However, there are alsoalternatives for treatingthe problem of erectile dysfunction.

A study from 2016 statesthatErectile dysfunction affects a minimum of12 million

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People inpeople in theUnited States.Though it is widespreadwith all ages of adults the conditiontends to be more prevalent amongolder adults.

The Urology Care Foundation explains that  Natural Male Enhancement erectile dysfunction typically happenswhen the blood flow tothe penisis not as strongornerves of the penisdamaged.Butmental stress, stress, and stresscan triggerthe condition.

Insome instances, erectile dysfunction maybe the result of amedicalcondition.Certain medical conditions

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that could increase a person’srisk of erectile dysfunction include:

  • type1 diabetes

  • type2 diabetes

  • heart disease

  • coronary heart disease

  • congestive heart failure

  • obesity

  • high blood pressure

  • chronic kidney disease

  • multiple sclerosis

  • Peyronie’s disease

  • surgery or radiation therapy forprostate cancer.

  • injuries to the penis,prostate, spinal cord,bladder,or pelvis

  • Removal of the entirebladder for treatment of bladder cancer

Some psychological reasons

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That can increase a personschances of developing erectile dysfunction are:

  • an anxiety about sexual non-performance

  • anxiety

  • post-traumatic stress disorder

  • depression

  • regrets over sexual inequitiesorspecificsexualactions

  • low self-esteem

  • stress

In addition, certain lifestyle aspectssuch assmoking, drinking large quantitiesof alcohol, consuming illegalsubstances, or not gettingenough exercise– mayinfluencesexual issues.

How male enhancement pills work

There are  Male-Enhancement many effective treatment optionsforerectiledysfunction. PDE5 inhibitors arecommon medicationsand are effective

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for the treatment oftreatment of erectile dysfunction.

When a person is intoxicated, theirbody releases enzymeswhichtrigger the smooth muscle ofthose blood vessels, to relax.Thus, blood willflow through these veins andinto the penis, creatingan erection.

If these enzymes become degraded,however, they causeblood flow to decline. PDE5 inhibitorsprevent the degradation

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They are enzymes that help inwhich allowsan increase in blood flowand resulting in anincontinence.

One mustbe aroused by the drugin order to get the desired effect.

Viagra is abrand-namePDE5 inhibitor.Theactiveingredient is sildenafil Citrate,and thisis alsothe name ofits generic counterpart ofmedication.Many companies providegeneric sildenafil pillsthat treatsexual dysfunction.

Male enhancement pills to watchout for

While severalPDE5 inhibitors havereceivedFDA approval,many pillsthat are advertised as men’s enhancement supplementsare unsafe, untestedandnot regulated.

The FDAissued a cautionary statement

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concerning male enhancement supplements soldthroughmarketplaces online. Theagency found nearly50 male enhancementand weight loss products containingsubstances that are not disclosed.The products could pose asignificant health risk.

A frequently updated listoftainted sexual enhancement productsisavailableatthe FDA website.

Someof themale enhancement supplementsdeclared to be tainted byFDAare:

  • X Rated Honey For Men

  • Adam’s Secret Extra Strength 2000

  • Themra Epimedyumlu Bitkisel Karisimli Macun

  • Vital Sex

  • Enerup Premium

  • ErectMax

  • Rhino SE7EN2

In the words of theFDA, “Consumers should also be on alert for products that offer immediate or quick results and that sound too good to be true.”

The agency further stated that”Additionally, consumers should search for product information from sources other than sellers and ask a doctor for help distinguishing between reliable and questionable information.”