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Top Apps for Maintaining Optimum Tooth Health


Mobile apps today are a fantastic way to handle and manage everything, whether it’s our work schedules, office projects, social activities, or simply inculcating new habits in our daily routine. Lately, even your health can be managed and tracked using purpose-built applications.

Since all these apps rely on the internet, it’s also important to have a fast and reliable broadband connection, which facilitates the smooth functioning of these apps. Unfortunately, many areas in the U.S. have recently faced slow speeds and even outages for many days, due to the weather conditions. In that case, always speak to your local internet provider so that you know how to handle your schedule if your area is also facing or expected to face connectivity issues. 

Some top mobile apps for tooth health management

Medtech took oral health to new heights when the mobile app industry launched countless apps that helped with the maintenance of our pearly whites. Whether it was making brushing teeth, a fun activity for young kids, or providing the latest info on oral care, such apps ensured that oral health management was nothing complicated. We rounded some of the top apps that aim to maintain optimum tooth health:

Habit Streak

Dental health or any other health-related domain is all about consistency, which comes from a set routine. And routines are usually derived from a person’s habits. That’s why one must be careful about the kind of habits, they follow in their daily life. Although brushing teeth twice a day is a standard rule for all people to follow, another dental habit, flossing is also important and has never been highlighted as essential to oral health. However, all that is changing with the spotlight, now on flossing and its significance in a person’s oral health. Today, healthcare professionals strongly recommend flossing for optimal dental health.

This is where the mobile app, Habit Streak, comes in handy. It helps users to build up their new habit of flossing since most new habits usually start or end within 21 days. While the app is easy to download on Android, its premium version offers enhanced features that include graphs for tracking progress, widgets, and many more for $2.49 per month. This is an extremely useful app, especially if you are the forgetful kind and want to ensure that you don’t miss out on new habits.

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Trayminder is an amazing app for all those people who wear transparent-colored aligners to transform their full-teeth smile and make it into a more charming one. Although an orthodontist created this app, it aims to facilitate the patient/user with the right knowledge of the dental tool. Instead of visiting the dentist for every small issue, Trayminder helps the user to keep a track of how long they can wear the aligners while giving accurate stats to the wearer. 

This way all kinds of guesswork are completely out of the question as the user then has a clear idea about how long they will need to wear this dental tool. The timer screen updates users on the number of hours they have been wearing the aligner in the day. While also counting the average time, required to wear these dental tools on a per-day basis.

If users feel any kind of discomfort, they can even take these aligners off and update the app. In that case, the mobile app will pop out a reminder to alert the user when to wear it again. Since the timer screen updates the total time a user is supposed to wear the aligners, it also counts the time until the treatment is over. 

The best part is that Trayminder comes with a section for daily teeth selfies, which is meant to encourage the user to take regular selfies of their teeth as a form of a visual diary and to have a record of their treatment progress. It’s an absolute marvel to watch crooked, weirdly-aligned teeth transform into a wonderful feature. No wonder this app holds around 3K reviews on the app store, with most of them rating it four stars and five stars at max.

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Tend Dental

Tend Dental is a simple app that aims to make maintenance of your dental health simpler and easy to manage. Unlike other apps, users are not required to set up an account on the app. They can use the app without it. Tend Dental offers online booking, so users no longer have to call the dental clinic to schedule an appointment for a regular check-up or more specialized procedures. The mobile app keeps track of important info, such as medical history, payment details, recent visits, expected visits, so on, and so forth. This way, users can easily save all necessary paperwork on the fantastic app, saving a lot of time in the process!

Besides recommendations for finding the best dentist in the area, the mobile app is a decent resource for those users, who are interested in understanding dental care better. Unfortunately, at the moment, Tend Dental is only available to residents in Boston, Washington D.C., New York City, and Atlanta among a few, and is unavailable to people residing in other areas. IOS and Android users can both download and utilize the mobile app, since it’s mostly free, without any in-app purchases. 

Wrapping up

Dental hygiene often requires a gentle nudge of a reminder, that’s where these apps come in. always download those apps, that can help you with your tasks, whether it is as simple as performing oral hygiene in the right manner to boost oral resistance for the future. And to download the app, you will need a good and speedy internet connection. You can get a reliable internet plan from BuyTVInternetPhone. You have a variety of service providers to choose from on that website.

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