Career in IT

 01. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the term that is used for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technology to reach the user. You don’t have to go through door to door to promote your product, just sit in front of computer and start promoting your product.
Basically, it’s a combined term which is formed by combining marketing with internet and other form of new internet media.
Digital marketing include:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing allows two way communication between companies and customer’s. User can inquiry about the product and companies can brief about the product, and user can order by a single click.

 Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the technique and ideas of optimizing content & article of your website to get higher position in SERP (search engine result page). Number of tips and technique are applied to optimize a single page of your website to get better position.

Search Engine Marketing

 SEM includes paid online advertising such as CPC: cost per click, and many more.  Learning SEO is always a better option for companies if search engine automatically give you better ranking then why should you pay for it.

Why Digital Marketing

Company without a digital strategy don’t have clear path to their success. They should analyze the digital appearance of their customers in order to get more profit. Let’s assume, you have a produce called “Easy kitchen cutter” a fantastic kitchen tool that everyone will surely buy it. But if you don’t promote it on digital platform you won’t get enough profit.
This is an internet era, if a company doesn’t have good digital presence I bet they won’t get new happy customers. Building a new business is not a big deal, but to run it smoothly and to get more profit it is necessary to build a strong social profile, search engine presence.
Digital marketing is easy because you can target your customer directly by their personal detail Like: Gender, Age, interest, Location. Which increases probability of selling product. Small company have little revenue and even capital, this is where digital marketing is more beneficial. If the idea is great, small investment can earn more money than expected.


Analyzing current trends it can be said that future billionaire is on this field. Building career by this technique have plenty of option. This skill can be sold in global market. Many IT companies are hiring digital marketing expert nowadays. Even you work as freelancer for different company. Just enroll now to get more knowledge about this. Once you come to this field I promise you will love it. The average Salary of digital marketing manager around the globe is shown in table below.


Graphic Designing

The modern world without graphic designing is impossible. Graphic Designing focus on visual communication and presentation in the form of image and visual. It is the strong tool to convert what you think to the visual representation. It is the art of supplying your concept and thought to the soft copy of printed photos, that only few can made in their life-time.
Knowing all the tools and the process does not make you a good graphic designer. It is the feeling, art of understanding the brand and it is the trick to understand your mind. It is the effective story-telling i.e. a way to supply your story in the form of images and videos.

Why Graphic Designing

If you want your image suddenly get attention by the viewers then the option is only one that is graphic designing. Promoting anything on social media and promoting the brand of the company always need a strong representation of the image and visuals. If you know the term “Clickbait” then you might face this once in your lifetime in YouTube, Facebook, google and many other social media platform. Knowing Graphic Designing can easily drag traffic to your website and videos in YouTube.
There are few reason why graphic designing is the best career builder in this technical era.
1.       The very first impression of your blog, website, and image matters most. If a client visit the company’s website and find this attractive then he/she will surely work with you. The ugly representation of image and video don’t workout anymore.
2.       If a company always provide constant content for their client in problem solving purpose then this might be the best thing for business organization.
3.       If you know about SEO and other same digital marketing platform, you know about infographic, which is nothing but an image with information. Listing like 1, 2, 3, 4 and giving it a design have much difference Using good infographic you can drag 60% of client to your business easily.
4.       Being a competition for well-settled company is good thing to be a competitor you need to supply awesome quality-content with good look.
Even a logo of business organization is vital for your brand value. And when you supply more and more graphical content then the company will be awesome.

Career opportunity

Building career as a graphic designer have many more options and opportunity all over the world. You can start your career as a graphic designer in company. Along with this you can promote yourself in the industry to work as a freelancer. A simple logo in Nepal cost around 3k to 50k Nrs. If you will be a good graphic designer, your life will be great. Many freelancer website are there to help you in making career. This is the proof that other field in IT also have same scope as java programmer and expert of many other programming language Average salary of a graphic designer over the world is given below.