We all have a very practicing life, we do have to perform day to functions almost every day. And we also consider this to be a part of our lives, performing tasks, walking, fulfilling the demands of work and personal life. While performing these functions, sometimes we face minor injuries also, this may occur during a hard workout or even while we are just walking. It’s true to say that injuries are a part of out daily lives. But sometimes, these minor injuries take very long to recover, it starts derailing your workouts, slowing your routine tasks and what not. Whenever you start to witness something like this make sure you consult the best orthopedic surgeon in Karachi. There are various pains which are likely to occur, shoulder pains, neck pains and knee pains. All these pains are likely to hinder the day to day activities so it better to get the treated.

Do Minor Pains Take A Turn?

Do Minor Pains Take A Turn

Sometimes, these minor injuries can take an adverse turn. It can result in some dire health problems also, such as skin splints and heel pains. These can be very frustrating as they just don’t affect your work but also your personal life. These conditions can be very difficult for some people, as some people go for workout to get over their stress. An injury would prevent them from working out, which would build up their stress levels and it would result in their health to deteriorate. Here are the 3 common health conditions, which are most likely to occur.

1. Heel Pain:

Heel Pain

Women always want to feel and dress beautifully. Usually women who feel they are short never walk out without wearing heels. Due to which they are likely to suffer from heal pains, they might consider this as a result of wearing heels but pain at the bottom of heel is attributed to a heal spur. This caused by degeneration of a thing called plantar fascia, which a thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. This is the type of pain in which, the more you use your foot, the less pain you’re likely to feel. Hence, people consider this to be very normal. But it can also be extremely risky at times.

The cure for this injury would be to regularly stretch your calf and make it less tight. Stretching tends to solve all such problems, so make sure that you stretch your calf 5-10 minutes every day. It is also recommended to give yourself an aggressive massage. Not just this, but many silicone heel pads are also available which help in easing the pain. Even after this, the pain persists then make sure you visit a doctor since you have a night splint.

2. Shin Splints:

Shin Splints

Sometimes, people tend to wear shoes which don’t have enough cushioning to support the foot, which means that you are particularly having a very high arch in your foot. This is very common for runners and even dancers as they wear similar shoes like these and are also more prone to such injuries. The patients who are suffering from are aged between 20 to 40 years old. You can calm yourself down, as this is no life-threatening condition.

It can be cured by the help of some anti-inflammatories and rest. Icing is also one of the best cures for it. Once you start feeling better don’t just stop with your treatments and jump to hectic routine tasks and workouts. Everything takes time to heal properly. In order to prevent these from occurring again in the near future, start wearing good shoes that are shock absorbent rather than the thin-soled shoes. These shin splints can go away in a few days if proper care is taken.

3. Text Neck Pain:

Text Neck Pain

This happens when a person is involved in some activity for a long period of time. The spins surgeons also suggest that when you keep your head down, the cervical disks suffer from increased amount of stress due to the improper posture of the body. People who are performing routine tasks are likely to suffer from this problem. To get rid of this, you can tilt your head up and look at the ceiling, try practicing it a couple of times and you would witness the pain going away slowly.