It is a well-known fact that aging is the reason behind the decline of estrogen level in a woman. As a woman nears the menopause phase, she is prone to face deterioration in the estrogen graph, and thus there are risks of acquiring heart-related diseases. Estrogen hormone balance is necessary because it acts as a helpful agent in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Also, it helps in relaxing the blood vessels.

Thus we can conclude that an adequate amount of estrogen needs to be maintained in order to live a healthy life. But with the progression of the age factor, a woman faces estrogen deficiency. But this needs to be treated with care, and thus one should use products such as Yes Wellness estrosmart or add estrogen rich diet to their daily routine. Continue reading to know the estrogen rich foods that can help you to meet the estrogen requirement of your body.


Blueberries can be termed as an agent to activate the estrogen receptors. These berries can help in maintaining the overall performance of the body and also helps in developing a sharp memory post menopause.

Cabbage and broccoli

Broccoli and cabbage are termed as estrogen level boosters and thus can be consumed on a daily basis in the form of salads.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds also known as linseeds have phytoestrogen concentrates and are also rich in fiber contents. Apart from being rich in fibers, it also has omega 3 fatty acids and can also help in keeping cholesterol under control. This can enhance the estrogen level in your body post menopause and can be easily included in your diet by sprinkling powdered flax seeds on the breakfast that you are consuming.


Soymilk is another thing that you can add to your diet to enrich the estrogen levels. Not only does it increment the estrogen level but also provides relief from cramps and other associated pains faced by women at the time of menopause. Soymilk is readily available in the market, and you can consume it on a daily basis in your breakfast.


Pistachios are rich in phytoestrogens and can serve as a tasty snack item that not only relishes your taste buds but also enhances the estrogen level. You can simply eat it as you eat any other type of nuts or you can also roast them in a pinch of salt before eating.


Walking ahead in the category of nuts, walnuts are healthy to eat and can increase the estrogen level. Walnuts also have an abundance of omega 3 fatty acids and contain ample amount of nutrients and proteins that are beneficial for your health.

Green Beans

Green beans are rich in nutrients, and low in calories thus serve as the right veggies that you can take for increasing the iron content. It also reduces the risk of infertility and ovulation issues.

Even white beans and black beans can serve as a source of estrogen rich food and can enhance the fertility rate in women.

Estrogen Rich Foods: What to Avoid and How to Use Them Safely during Menopause? red wine

Red wine

Though it is said that alcohol is not good for health, but consumption of red wine has its own advantages. Red wine not only acts as a cure for cardiovascular diseases but can also trigger the level of estrogen. But again one thing you need to take care is that you do not over consume red wine, it should be consumed in a moderate fashion.


Eggs are rich in Vitamin B and vitamin D and thus should be consumed to feel energetic. It is also rich in iron and has the capacity to strengthen your bones.

Peach fruit

Peaches are known to be rich in nutrients and can also reduce the jeopardies of acquiring heart diseases and stroke. But a very few know that this fruit is also rich in estrogen which can be helpful for women during menopause in regulating the right balance of the hormones.

The trio of fiber-water and protein

Women tend to gain weight after menopause especially you can see them gaining fat on their belly and thighs. Also, menopause results in heavy, bulky chest and tummy which is detrimental and can cause further health issues. The excess fat gain can be a reason for breast cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Thus it is necessary that ample amount of water, protein, and fiber-rich food is consumed to keep at pace with such chronic health conditions.


Strawberries are something that no women will deny. Not only is it a tasty fruit but an estrogen-rich fruit too that can help you in great ways in enhancing the level of estrogen. It also has other health benefits such as keeping a person energized, treating obesity, for hair and skin treatment and a lot more. So one should include strawberries in their diet to boost up the estrogen level.

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