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Upgrading the Electrical Panel: What You Need to Know

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When you are inviting home or commercial space electrical upgrades, the main focus should be to improve electrical installations. The electrical panel is crucial to limit the risk of life to people and risk of fire.


Do you know the regulations on electrical safety? Are you sure?! Troubleshooting, we do not question our partners but we want to make sure that you have all you need to know to ensure quality service and valued by your customers.

Do not you have a picture of electrical safety? Yes? OKAY! It’s better you’re right …

You need to meet in terms of compliance with the standards of the electrical panel. Here you can avoid the serious threat of getting electrocuted.

Excessive use of electrical equipment associated with an installation that is too old or in poor condition may cause material damage. For example an electrical overload or a short circuit (phase and neutral contact on one of the electrical equipment).
According to reports, 80,000 out of 250,000 household fires are caused due to an electrical problem. The outcome here is immediate with sparks of even fire outbreak.

How to know if a switchboard is up to standard?

The most common anomalies found in dilapidated dwellings are diverse.

Lack of grounding of electrical installations (grounding prevents electrocution by discharging current into the electrical installation),
Presence of fabric sheaths around electrical wires (but how was this only possible?),

Old equipment

Non-compliance with safety rules in bathrooms and kitchens. Amazing to see power outlets near a water source yet it still happens.
In these cases, an electrical panel can avoid many misfortunes. If he is obviously up to standards! You will find 40% of living areas have unsuitable fuses or circuit breakers fitted.

The electrical panels should have the following equipped to meet the electrical standards:

The electrical panel must be located inside the housing or commercial area concerned. Does troubleshooting cite this criterion? Not so obvious, however, to see some “improvised” installations …

The electrical panel should be installed at a height of 1 meter or 1m80. Why this precision will you ask us. The minimum prevents young children from accessing it too simply.
The maximum height allows central cost electrician to access it without going up a ladder or anything that reduces their safety during their intervention. The electrical panel must have at least four separate circuits according to the use of stations (household appliances and others).
Regulations to follow to upgrade the switchboard

The standard NF C 15-100 is the reference in force for any electrical installation and the key equipment that compose it. The electrical panel is the main one. This standard governs low-voltage electrical installations in individual and collective housing. It applies to both new buildings and the renovation of electrical installations.

In addition to the elements mentioned above, upgrading the electrical panel defines specific equipment and safety devices:

Sensitivity differential circuit breaker adapted to the grounding conditions of electrical installations: to cut off the arrival of electricity on electrical equipment or an area of the house in the event of current leakage.

Fuses: Each electrical circuits has this glass or ceramic cylinders. A fuse for the first chamber, a fuse for the living room … In case of overheating, a fuse has the role of “grilling” (the inner filament melts) and thus “cut” the defective circuit. Obviously what is cut is the link between the problem circuit and the rest of the electrical installation.

Sheaths: Cables must be insulated by special technical sleeves connecting the currents of the same intensity. Above all, avoid the wires touching each other!

What electrical standards in the case of a real estate sale …

Housing over twenty years is no longer standard … But to know precisely, a technical diagnosis of the electrical installation of housing or space for sale must be provided by the seller to the purchaser. The electrical diagnosis gives a state of what is the norm and what is not. Only a certified professional is authorized to provide it.

When there is a lack of conformity, the damage suffered will not be completely taken care of. Troubleshooting is the best way to identify obsolete areas in electrical lines.

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