What There Is To Know About Coloured Contact Lenses

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If you are vying for a change in your appearance and no makeup kit or accessory is doing the trick, then why don’t you try upgrading your tools? What I mean to say is that why don’t you use the coloured contact lenses to enhance your appearance in ways never seen before.

These devices work like magic, you can easily transform your appearance with the coloured lenses. When you wear them, your eye colour is enhanced naturally that redefines your beauty. Not only that, there are different types of coloured lenses that are used for special events like Halloween. You will find special effect coloured lenses like the blind contact lenses or the sclera black lenses. So why don’t you go ahead and get yourself a pair or two?

What Should I know?

Ah! You should at least know what are coloured contact lenses right? I mean how they operate and function that beautifies the eyes in such a way. Let us discuss that

You would need to know how your eyes work before you can decipher coloured lenses. Our eyes and iris have different designs and patterns on them, not to mention the freckles and shades of colour. Now if you come to coloured lenses, they are designed to mimic the iris of the eyes. If you look carefully coloured contact lenses are very similar to the iris of the eye. They have coloured tints on them that have similar lines, designs and patters. With different colours and the right choice you can get yourself a perfect look. Coloured lenses blend in with your eye colour perfectly.

Then you should know that there are different types of coloured tints

Types Tints

Many types of lenses are available to change your eye colour. Some types are discussed below:

  • Enhancement tint lenses:

The first one we have is the enhancement tints. These are translucent tints and as their name suggests, they enhance the eye colour. They are amazing for people with light coloured eyes and if you choose the right colour, you can beautify the colour very effectively.

  • opaque tint lenses:
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These are solid coloured tints and they cover the eyes completely. They can change the eye colour once you wear them. They can be used for both dark and light coloured eyes.

  • Theatrical lenses

These are special effect lenses and mostly used on special occasions for example Halloween, costume parties, themed parties and other similar events.

Which one is right for you?

There are many things that will define the right type of coloured lenses for you. I mean for what event you are going to use them, for how long. Are you going to use them for parties? Or you want a spooky Halloween look? All these things and then your eye colour along with the skin tone also comes into play.

  • Light eyes

If you are looking to delicately enhance your eye colour and defining the edges of your eyes you can use the enhancement tints. It will surely leave people wondering what is so glamorous about you today. But you can also try a bolder change to your eye colour by using the opaque coloured tints. You see light coloured eyes can use both the enhancement and opaque tints. Just make sure you are using the right colour that will blend in with your skin tone and eye colour, especially in the case of enhancement tints

  • Dark eyes

For darker eyes you are better of using bright colours such as red, bright green, hazel or bright blue colour. Of course, your skin tone and hair colour would need to be considered. Darker eyes will only respond to opaque tints as they eyes are too dark for enhancement tints to have any effect.

Coloured contacts: Are they safe?

Well a short answer would be yes. Coloured lenses are just normal contact lenses with a coloured tint on them. So, the rules of use and safety guidelines are same as the ones that would be applied to any other contact lenses. Still you are required to follow the steps in order to ensure safe use of coloured lenses.

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Don’t worry, the rules aren’t that hard to follow but very important that you do.

  • Always buy from a respectable and well-known place. Do not compromise on the quality of the lenses you are about to buy. Stay away from street stalls and shady dealers, they are usually selling low quality products.
  • Don’t ever share your coloured lenses with anyone. Sharing of coloured lenses would transmit diseases from one person to another.
  • Make sure that you keep hygiene around the coloured lenses. Wash your hands before touching them and clean the lenses regularly after every use.
  • NEVER sleep with contacts on. Sleeping with coloured contact lenses would leave your eyes very dry and it may cause corneal abrasion. You wouldn’t want that. Always take them off
  • Once the lenses expire, just discard them away. If you want to use them again you should buy a new pair.
  • Never wear coloured contact lenses for far too long, as they cover the eyes it makes it very difficult for the oxygen to pass through. Wearing for too long will leave the eyes dry, itchy and uncomfortable. Wear only for a good 5-7 hours
  • Wash your coloured contact lenses only with disinfectant solution that came with the lens package. Never use water or homemade solutions to clean the lenses. It will damage the lenses and may hurt your eyes in the process.
  • If you ever feel pain or irritation in your eyes while wearing coloured lenses, take them off immediately. After that consult your doctor to see if everything is clear.

These are very few rules, but they are crucially important that you keep them in your mind and follow them once you start using coloured contact lenses. You would never want beauty to come at a price. So have fun around your coloured lenses.

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