Asan sex therapist I’ve had theprivilege of sitting withhundreds of thousands of malestodiscusstheir sexualexperiences, sexual lives,as well asdreams.It’s true that I don’t understandwhat it’s likebe amale however, I’vebeen privileged to listentothe male’s perspective onsexualrelations.Although everyman is different, of course, therearesome themes that are common to all men:

1.Sex begins in the body.

While women may feel compelledto sexually engage due to their thoughts, memory or theconnection to emotion thatmenseek, sex remainsan actual desire.The male body is flooded withtestosteronethat circulate throughtheir bodies pushingthem toward sexual expression.Erections pop up at the smallesttrigger in young males.And for an adult man the sight of his wifeor partnercome out ofthe showernaked causes hisbody torespond.It’s difficult to knowthe impact of his body’s chemistry onhis mental response tothe sexual.

2.Sexual gratification is for malesa wayto satisfy theirappetite.

sex for couples tofeelfull.However,his attraction forsexual intimacy is likean urge to eat chocolates:Each sexual episode holdsthepossibilityof asweet treat that will surprise youperhaps creamy smoothor buttery rich. Perhapsslightlybittersweet and raw or sweet and silky.He’s always searching forthe opportunity to be pleasantlyas well as pleasantly surprised.It’s not a complete daywithout dessert.However, the circumstancesof the relationship –for instance fightingwith his wife–can still spoiltheappetite.

3.Sexual energy is a source ofan energy source.

The sexualityis a source of excitement and possibilityintointimate relationships.Thehormoneenergy gives himthedesireandaggressiontoachieve hisgoals and objectives and also topursue his partner.Heperseveres in the midst of everyday monotony being lured by the promiseofsexual rewardsat night.

4.Sex is excitement.

It’sthe most thrilling adventureof your life.Your body is a wonderfulenjoyment machine that he’d liketouse at full-speed.Orgasm isusually reliableand why men loves romantic sex?  various sexual acts such as positions, rhythms and postures appearsto bea great waytoboost his pleasure.Everysexual encounter or smile, flirtation, innuendo, shapely figure, orsexualimage, no matter how fantasizedornot, isan assault onthe male brain.The slightestsuggestion of something or someonelike sex triggershis brainwaves explode with excitement.

5.Heshows love through sex.

Men typically describe the timetheir partner is mostsexuallyhappy as the time when heis a bit enthralled.It’s an enigma tomen that they are deemedselfishbecause of their desire forsexualconnection.In their hearts, there’san expectation of reciprocal, exquisite bodily pleasure.Heoften fantasizesaboutwaystoimprove itfor her, while beggingdetails about her sexual desires in order togrow as a romantic.

6.Sex is love.

Sexual releasegives men the feelingas if they’re finally at home.After all the hurtsandstruggles, sex conveyscompassion and love and can providepeace and comfort.Though he’s often accusedof only wanting sex,most men desire and feelmore than justphysicalrelease.The act of love can createan intense feeling ofaffectionto the person he is withandencouragesgenerosity, faith,andoptimism.The mostenjoyable partof a romantic sex loved by the person you love.

Although many women would likefor an emotional connection prior toexperiencing a physical bond but for men, sexual connectionisusually requiredto feel secure enough to allowemotional vulnerability.In the end, male sexualityina relationship is a gift– it’s another pathtowardsromantic love.