Frequently, we have to manage matters derived from the activity of our company from a distance, for various reasons such as meetings outside our city, attendance at fairs or work trips. Also, it is increasingly common for the various teams of a company not to be located in the same city. But what most worries us most in all these cases is that our business is not neglected and everything continues to function properly.  VAT Consultants also help you in such condition.

We should manage your business even you are travelling.

Technology increasingly helps us in this sense and through the internet, smartphones, wifi, etc., keep working when we travel for work is increasingly simple. However, it will greatly influence the place we go, because not everywhere there are the same means or the same technology.

Here are some tips to keep your business running if you have to travel for work and any event is met and resolved:

Plan in detail

Before you go on a trip, make a detailed planning of everything you have to do and what your employees have to do, who is going to take care of everything, what deadlines exist or what to do in case there is an urgent matter that attends. If you create a system, everything will work better and as planned.

Try to be available

How to Manage Your Company Remotely If You Have to Travel for Work?

Since you will not be able to be physically in your office, it is important to provide your employees with a phone number where they can locate you for urgent or important issues. Set limits so that they do not call you unless it is something that needs your intervention.

Work in the cloud

How to Manage Your Company Remotely If You Have to Travel for Work?

More and more companies work in the cloud so that it is possible to access all the information about the company from anywhere. This makes work much easier and helps when we are not physically in our workplace. Look for safe platforms that offer this service and take advantage of its advantages every time you have to travel for work reasons.


It seems obvious, but many times we load ourselves with tasks that someone else could do, especially if we have to travel for work. Delegate all the tasks that are not necessary that you attend to workers of your trust so that they can continue with each project and the activity is not stopped.

It is important to be aware that each one does the work differently and that when you delegate a task to another person it will not be the same as you, but surely it is good or even better.

Inform your customers

How to Manage Your Company Remotely If You Have to Travel for Work?

If you are going out for work, inform your clients of your absence, what will last and who they can talk to while you are away. In this way, they will feel cared for at all times.


As much as possible, monitor the activity of your company from wherever you are. Check the emails at least once a day or at the time you can have wi-fi, to address urgent issues and know how the business is going.

Create a schedule

How to Manage Your Company Remotely If You Have to Travel for Work?

Keeping a schedule on the road is hard because you are always moving from one place to another and, in many cases, the time slot changes completely from one city to another.

But creating one, even if you can’t fully comply, will allow you to organize yourself better on certain days and write your list of things to do to better manage your hours.

Get organized with time

I am a person who likes to plan and make lists. This allows me to prepare for those times when I cannot manage my online business because I must manage those who are from the physical world.

So, what I do is keep a calendar, plan everything I can, and use the days dedicated to working to be as productive as possible.